Brought to you by Theatre Deli and Dark Yellow Dot with support from the City of London Corporation and the Garrick Charitable Trust. 

Pandemic in the City gathered 10 artists of different disciplines and backgrounds together to create new pieces of work inspired by the effects of the pandemic and lockdown, and possible post-pandemic futures.

From exploring the virus as a life-form itself through to navigating pregnancy as a new immigrant during an unprecedented time, Pandemic in the City presented new perceptions on aspects of the pandemic, creatively examined how some have survived the last 18 months and considered what the future might look like. 

The works were shared for the first time during the Pandemic in the City festival weekend 10th-11th July and are available now online for three weeks 26 July - 15th August for FREE. Click on an artist below to enjoy their work!

Archaia Futurae

Times of Intimacy, Yearning & Fear of Touch

I Think I Know It All, Some of It

Sonic Showers


FAKE News At Ten

Electric Shock

I Don't Know Why I'm Crying: A Multimedia Drag Fantasia on Epidemiological Themes

Re-Wren-Dering The City


 Supported by the City of London Corporation and the Garrick Charitable Trust.