Radhika Aggarwal founded Echo Chamber Audio to playfully explore aural storytelling. Radhika loves working with sound primarily generated through physical objects, atmospheres and organisms, including spoken word, to tell stories about the world we are in. 


For PiC, my piece is called 'Re-Wren-dering London'. I am using Christopher Wren Churches as a base to explore the changed landscape of the City. The 51 Wren churches (and their existing sites) have witnessed multiple transformations of London over centuries: The Plague, The Great Fire, and later The Blitz. This Pandemic transformed space in perhaps a less violent way. I will explore this change through capturing sounds (a physical waveform) and interviewing people I find in the church gardens.

Re-Wren-Dering the City is made up of a 30 minute sound file (transcript here) and a de-synched video which is below. Here are a couple of ways to engage with the piece:
1) Scan this code to access the sound file above on your phone:
Go on a walk and find a bench in a public park or garden, relax, let your eyes wander, and press play.
2) If shielding, self-isolating or you prefer to stay at home:
Scan the code on your phone. Press play on the de-synced video below on a tablet or laptop (there is no sound). Go make a cuppa. Sit comfortably and listen through headphones to the audio file on your phone. You may spot some happy accidents between image and audio. 
Note: the visual component is for soft focus and is a visual scrapbook of our journeys over this time. 

Instagram: @madradster @echochamberaudio

Production photography by Tasha Best.