Theatre Deli empowers artists who want to change the world.

They have been a driving force within the arts for over 10 years, supporting emerging companies whose work sits outside traditional theatre. In 2018 the organisation supported over 11,000 artists, collaborated with more than 200 partner organisations, and commissioned 20 new pieces of work. Currently occupying venues across London and Sheffield, they work to develop diverse audiences, expand the cultural offering, and provide safe environments for artists at every stage of their career to experiment, trial & showcase new work. 

To deliver this Theatre Deli focuses on creating positive change in 4 key areas:

Changing Spaces: We work with property developers to take over empty and unused spaces in order to expand resources to make, participate and experience art. We change the way people engage with and perceive city centre spaces, providing artistic interventions that challenge traditional uses of buildings and resources, and making them inclusive and accessible spaces of creative activity. We want creativity to be interwoven into everybody's everyday lives. 

Connecting Communities: our venues nurture and connect creative communities, providing accessible resources and services that promote sustainability and resilience in the arts. We focus on those left out of the mainstream system, bringing together artists and audiences from local , grassroots, marginalised and emerging communities, those working at the cutting edge or just starting out as artists & audiences.

Breaking Barriers: We support and make work that pushes boundaries and removes barriers. This means both onstage - experimenting with form and removing the 4th wall; and offstage - with initiatives to improve access to the arts for under represented groups. Unlike traditional arts spaces, our venues are open spaces for collaboration and the collective, where different groups of people can come together and have the creative freedom to find new ways of working. We are particularly interested in providing platforms for those who feel marginalised by the mainstream. 

Building Careers: We develop artists by providing transformational education and opportunities for those working in the arts that gives them the skills, time and attention to make a step-change in their practice, including artist residencies, mentoring and advice, subsidised space, co-productions and training. In 2019 we launched Deli Label, based on the record label model, providing full producing support for theatre makers.