I am a multi-disciplinary artist working across theatre and film as a director, designer and maker. My practice is centered around live, collaborative work that blends art and storytelling.


My passion has always been for live, collaborative performance. At the start of lockdown I begrudgingly continued to work on creative projects through zoom, frustrated at the imperfection of the medium. I ran rehearsals and recorded them for later reflection. Ultimately, I used these recorded rehearsals as the building blocks for a series of short films exploring performance in the Covid era. I used set drawings as the backdrops for scenes and interspersed dialogue with videos meant for live projection. I fell in love with this exciting new punky style.

The project I am creating for Pandemic in the City further explores this new working method.  I will conduct a series of zoom conversations/interviews with my Nan, who has spent the last year shielding. These conversations will culminate in an art film/documentary/visual collage of one woman’s pandemic experience, through a medium we know too well.

Production photography by Tasha Best.