Aleksandar is a dreamer caught in the cloudy ever curious body. Searching for non/trans/post-human movement the road has taken him to various cultures and corners of this planet from where he has collected and archived countless soul-stories. He creates through embodied or poeticized images of memories coming from millions of years from now. He can be found somewhere between dance, theatre and nothing at all.


The piece is a teaser preview of the post-pandemic world. It engages with the issue from the perspective of the virus itself that is not being seen as an enemy but as a form of life striving to survive in the urban surroundings. The performers’ bodies are therefore coming from the realm of post-human and post-gender as a juxtaposition of viral and human identities. How conflicted are they and is the artistic transformation necessary at all? Are our ancestors trapped in the past or are they to be found in the distant future as well?  

Concept/choreography: Aleksandar Isailovic

Dancers: Kalina, Miros Gonzalez, Louise Scapin

Tech support/audio and video editing: Rodrigo Carrelas

Presented at Pandemic in the City in July 2021, London

Commissioned by Theatre Deli

Supported by The City of London 

Instagram: @alekkss669

Production photography by Tasha Best.