Our venue in the North, popping up in old buildings and supporting artists across Sheffield.

What's On

  • Cruelty

    Faceless Ventures presents Cruelty: An Artaudian elucidation of our internet obsession . One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. Read more

  • Granny Grotbag Says Goodbye

    Granny Grotbag welcomes you into her home and takes you on a trip down memory lane. A story of love, loss, dust, and water infections and strength that is guaranteed to make you laugh, wince and cry into your cuppa. Read more

  • Future Makers '20

    Exciting free theatre & film workshops run by industry professionals. If you’re interested in theatre and film and not really sure how you could get into the business, or if you just fancy having a go, this is for you. Read more

  • Meze Mix- Scratch Night

    On the second Tuesday of the month get a sneak peek at the next hottest shows, before they hit the circuit with the return of Deli's monthly scratch night. Pay What You Feel. Read more

  • The Storm Officer

    Funny and poignant, The Storm Officer invites you on a tumultuous and colourful journey, with wild scenes and original live music. Wild storms; hurricanes; flooding! Sound familiar? Read more

  • GUY

    GUY gives you heart-pounding electropop anthems and witty, heartfelt story about modern dating through a diverse cross-section of gay men. Read more

  • What Happened to Agnes

    What Happened to Agnes is a staged song cycle that tells the story of Nishla's grandmother’s sister, who disappeared as a child in Malaysia. Read more

  • Drip Drip Drip

    Bigotry and belonging and a cat called Roger... A National Health Story. Bed 6, Oncology ward, a local NHS hospital. Read more

  • The Four Horsemen

    The Four Horsemen is a satirical comedy which brings the fabled Horsemen of the Apocalypse into the modern world. Read more

  • The Duck

    A play about autism, with a difference. Sometimes we all feel different, but not everyone has that confirmed by a professional. Read more

  • Polly: The Heartbreak Opera

    A raucous, radical, rallying adaptation of Polly, John Gay's banned sequel to The Beggar's Opera, with techno, tracksuits and palm trees. Read more

  • Beach Body Ready

    Shaving? Tanning? Over-exercising? Cabbage-Souping? Starving? It's the season of cutting carbs, hitting it hard at the gym, and shaving everything from the chin down. Read more

  • The Smile Club

    A darkly comic, searingly satirical new one woman show set in a dystopian world where a government drive exists to tame unruly women. Read more

  • Hop, Skip, Jump!

    Join us for an exciting afternoon of brand new performances aimed at the kids! Plus a special treat: come behind the scenes, meet the performers and share your thoughts about the show! Read more

  • Conker Kids

    Conker Kids focuses on Sheffield children’s experiences of WWI and how they echo what’s going on in the adult world of conscientious objectors, the home front and the impact of war. Read more

  • Gulp!

    Maya LOVES water! Swimming in the sea, splashing in her paddling pool. But one summer’s day, she gets sucked up the bathroom tap - SQUOOSH! - and along the water pipes! WHOOAAHHHH! Read more

  • Rubbish Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

    This playful re-imagining of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' is an all-ages comedy romp that promises belly laughs for the whole family. Read more

  • The Accident Did Not Take Place

    A hyperreal exploration of the way we consume information, and the way information consumes us. Read more

  • Oedipus at Colonus

    The sequel to Oedipus Rex, also by Sophocles. Translated by Robert Fagles. Read more

  • The Glass Will Shatter

    Thrilling and powerful, the world premiere of The Glass Will Shatter interrogates faith, belonging and polarisation within the school system - and the consequences of Prevent Policy on the quality of education in the UK today. Read more

  • See-Through

    Last year, 34% of young people voted YouTuber as their top career choice. Claire was intrigued. She decided to have a go. Read more

  • Ladykiller

    A blood-soaked morality tale about victimhood, power and flipping the gender rule book on psychopathy. Read more

  • Planet LOL

    A fast paced, female-led sci-fi about facing up to reality and re-writing your endings. If you discovered life on your planet was being destroyed, what would you do? Read more

  • Water is Attracted to Water

    Two theatre performers, a musician and a scientist come together on stage to create a myth of water for the 21st century. Read more

  • Eugene

    ‘Eugene’ is a show about what happens when we give technology the power over us, with an anthropomorphic power point, featuring multiple endings and integrated captioning. Read more

  • There is No Planet B

    In the year 2050, man-made climate catastrophe and pollution has destroyed planet Earth. In a last attempt to change history, a scientist-turned-poet attempts to send a message back to 2020 to share the stories of climate change and pollution which humans ignored, warning them that inaction will lead to extinction. Read more

  • Nothing to Fear

    Throughout his performance lecture Nothing to Fear Ben Ecclestone explores the history of the internet from it’s inception to our relationship with technology today. Read more

  • Drawing the Line

    An interactive theatre game combining storytelling and group decision-making to explore ideas of identity, immigration, and citizenship. Read more

  • A Few Short Studies on Cannibalism

    A show that uses the absurd to explore universal themes – morality, religion, and the frustrations of gender politics. Read more

  • Call Me Fury

    A commentary about sexual politics and feminism today - set to live folk music. Call Me Fury is about The Salem Witch Trials. Read more