Our venue in the North, popping up in old buildings and supporting artists across Sheffield.

What's On

  • Shake Off- Dance Fitness Class- Every Monday

    Bounce it to Beyoncé, shake it out to Shakira or grind like Arianna Grande - these sessions are made to be fun, feisty and open to interpretation- so you're able to make it your own. Read more

  • B.A.R.E

    Based on personal experience, ‘B.A.R.E’ is a naked truth about attempting to navigate through the technicalities of finding love. It is honest and funny story of a foreigner, a queer with full of hopes before he arrived the country. Read more

  • Composed

    Composed is a feminist investigation into social conventions, contained fury and work. A high octane show dealing with apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you are asking for it. Read more

  • How to be Amazingly Happy!

    No kids – now what? How do you find a new ‘once upon a time’ after the ‘happy ever after’ never turned up? Read more

  • Forget Me Not: The Alzheimers Whodunnit

    Jim’s wife, a patient on a dementia ward, has died from what appears to be natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. Read more

  • Five Years

    From 1998-2002, Neal Pike attended a special educational needs school in Nottinghamshire. Five Years is about trying to hold on to a sense of who you are during those messy, brutal and mundane years of adolescence. Read more

  • Glittery Clittery

    Part-explosive comedy cabaret, part-interactive political rave, this award-winning, sequin-covered, champagne-fuelled extravaganza is guaranteed to blow your minds, your pants and your preconceptions! Read more

  • Blokes, Fellas, Geezers

    Somewhere in rural North East England Jake is discovering what kind of person he wants to become. He surrounded by working-class men like his Fatha. Men that live by one main philosophy: as a bloke “If someone punches you, you punch them back twice as hard...then have a pint.” Read more

  • 100 Years

    A radical re-imagining of Marquez's landmark novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, told with bold physicality and sharp humour. Award-winning Popelei return to the stage with this mischievous look at bloodlines, breeding and the weight of inheritance. Read more

  • Pop Up Doggy Cakery- Sheffield

    Returning to Sheffield to October! Enjoy a selection of homemade cakes and a cup of coffee while your pooch has a Pup-Cake too! Read more

  • Terror From The Skies

    A solo storytelling show that questions the impact of big business capitalism on local communities, while asking questions about the other myths that unite and divide us in the shared spaces where we live.  Read more

  • Greater Than The Sum

    An evening of groundbreaking new music featuring artists from an astonishing range of cultures, responding to each other to create 3 specially commissioned pieces. Read more

  • Umbrella Man- World Mental Health Day

    A special event to mark World Mental Health Day, in association with the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron. A tale of friendship, loss and conspiracy that will take you on a journey to the outer limits of common sense, and beyond. Read more

  • Our Mel presents Pain to Power

    Our Mel is proud to present an afternoon of creative dance, writing, and theatre produced by Black women for Black women.  Read more

  • How to Keep Time

    Using just his voice and an electronic drum kit, award-winning spoken word artist Antosh Wojcik explores the effects of dementia on speech, memory and family in his debut work for stage, How to Keep Time. Read more

  • It's True, It's True, It's True

    Based on surviving court transcripts, this new play dramatises the seven-month trial that gripped Renaissance Rome, and asks how much has changed in the last four centuries. Read more

  • Build a Rocket

    Yasmin is a bright 16-year-old from a small seaside town. In an instant, her world is turned upside down when she becomes pregnant with her son, Jack. Suddenly her life isn't sandcastles, arcades, and donkey rides. Read more

  • Queens of Sheba

    After being turned away from a nightclub for being "too black”, a group of friends’ lives are changed forever when confronted with misogynoir in its most vicious form. Read more

  • Murder Ballads

    Millhaven, West Texas, Winter 1882. The regulars of O’Malley’s Bar gather to drink, to sing and to tell us darkly comic tales of madness, horror and death. Read more

  • Kaleidoscope

    Inspired by research into how a baby’s sense of sight develops and how they instinctively begin to categorise colour, watch as a multi-coloured Kaleidoscope is brought to life for you and Read more

  • Mini

    The scene is made of suspended geometric shapes, hovering like a “mobile” above the empty scene. Two dancers/characters are born from these shapes, one round, the other pointy\elongated, one blue, the other red... Read more

  • Rendition

    A radical work from Edinburgh-based company Tragic Carpet, ‘RENDITION’ uses detailed research findings from The Rendition Project, led by Professor Ruth Blakeley at the University of Sheffield. Read more

  • A Self Help Guide to Loving Jeremy Corbyn

    When Jess joined the Labour Party at university in 2007 she doubled the number of members who met weekly in a Liverpool pub. Since then she’s stuck by the party through the downfall of Blair, the disappointment of Brown and the monolith of Miliband. Read more

  • Car Park King

    Described by The British Theatre Guide as, ‘Horrible Histories for grown-ups.’ Car Park King is an original comedy play about one of the most controversial Kings of England, Richard III.  Read more

  • And She

    Part gig. Part their Mums living rooms. Bonnie and The Bonnettes delve into motherhood, womanhood, and femininity through conversations with their Mums, armed with three microphones, music, and a bottle of Prosecco.  Read more

  • Jadek

    ‘Jadek’ is based on the true story of when a working-class woman from Yorkshire moved in with her blind, Polish, 94-year-old Grandad. ‘Jadek’ explores how this unexpected turn of events affected both of their lives in the most hilarious, heart breaking and life affirming way. Read more

  • Motherland

    So what do you think of the state of your country today?  Some people say it’s about needing British values. Some people say it’s not about intolerance, it’s about not tolerating intolerance. Some people say they don’t mind change but it's happening too fast. Some people say we need to decolonise, get back to the true India. Read more

  • The True Historie of Mr William Shakespeare

    Tired of simply “entertaining” people, Blowfish Theatre have finally made a proper piece of art.  Read more

  • The Santaland Diaries

    A darkly humorous and sometimes cynical look at the “joyous” season of Christmas and the ruthlessness of commercialism in a Santa’s Grotto – as told by Crumpet the Elf! Read more

  • Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula The Sea Witch

    Disney villain. Octo-woman. Plus-size icon. But who is the woman behind the tentacles? It’s time to take the plunge as we reveal what really happened under the sea, in a tell-all tale of sex, sorcery and suckers.  Read more

  • Meze Mix- Scratch Night

    On the second Tuesday of the month get a sneak peek at the next hottest shows, before they hit the circuit with the return of Deli's monthly scratch night. Pay What You Feel. Read more

  • MiniFest- Christmas Special

    With original songs written especially to stimulate young imaginations and encourage physical activity, and some familiar favourites too, played by the brilliant Artful Playground Band. Read more