When Race Hits You Like A Ton Of Bricks 101

'Chalk it up to Brexit, or current hostile Presidential administration in America, or just a general swing towards a brand of politics which exclude the voices of marginalized people, but I have seen the general white collective be hit like a ton of bricks by the existence of race and racism.  '


Author: Danielle Florence

Be Bold

'Bold. Brazen. Audacity. Shine. Big Hair. No hair. Height. Strength. Curves. Volume. Space. Melanin. Face. Some of us have more, some of us have less. Intimidating to some, but to me, it’s all beautiful. It’s actually artful.'


Author: Amberle Phillips

Jo Bowis: Joining the Club

'Motherhood is alarming. Do you know what you are doing? I don’t know what I am doing, is it ok to say that I don’t know what I am doing?'


Author: Danielle Florence

A Day in the Life of Sadie Clark

A day in the life of actor, comedy improvisor, and writer Sadie Clark.


Author: Amberle Phillips

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  • BOLD - Dark Yellow Dot & Theatre Deli

    Curated by Dark Yellow Dot in partnership with Theatre Deli, BOLD is a portrait exhibition celebrating black excellence in arts in the UK. Read more

  • A Pint Sized Conversation

    A show from Kill The Cat about mental health and offering support. About not getting it right all of the time. But trying. ★★★★★ - 'One of the most informative, effective and inventive pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen' (LondonTheatre1) Read more

  • Queens of Sheba

    After being turned away from a nightclub for being "too black”, a group of friends’ lives are changed forever when confronted with misogynoir in its most vicious form. Read more

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