I Have Privilege and So Do You

'Because you know you have privilege and I know you have and we both know we have it, what matters next is how we choose to spend it. '


Author: Danielle Florence

The Black Alice in Wonderland

'I see an opportunity to use the arts to challenge the bias and prejudices that are ingrained within its structures. I see an opportunity to create a space where I, and others like me, belong.'


Author: Danielle Florence

5 Ways to Practice Self Care in the Arts

A few ways to take care of yourself, even when you're run off your feet!


Author: Danielle Florence

Confession: I'm racist (and so are you)

'A week later, I had come to this now embarrassingly obvious conclusion: who the f*ck am I to talk about race, or think that I’m not racist?'


Author: Danielle Florence

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  • Transforming the Narrative

    Sharp Scratches is back in 2020 to tell new stories, tackle new topics & create space for new and emerging writers & performers. The first night is Transforming the Narrative, where non-binary & transgender performers and writers are put centre stage. Read more

  • House of Q Cabaret

    We've all recovered from the New Years celebrations and have awoken to find ourselves in the 20s! Come and join us for a marvellous party, let's misbehave and raise a glass to a debaucherous new decade Read more

  • GUY

    GUY gives you heart-pounding electropop anthems and witty, heartfelt story about modern dating through a diverse cross-section of gay men. Read more

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