Maude is an ensemble-led company dedicated to pursuing complex, camp, and unusual theatre. We work collaboratively, with a focus on new writing and ensemble-devised works that cast our audiences as active agents within our performances. We make work that looks back in order to look forward – re-examining our pasts (individual, collective, communal, or cultural) in order to re-define our futures. Our work is inclusive, community-oriented, and hopefully bizarre.


The year is 2143. Two stuffy dragged-up historians from an absurdist future guide us through an archival video artefact: Ate Bush, a lost soul lip syncing through the pandemic-stricken City of London. Following her journey through the abandoned urban landscape, they ponder her identity while they decipher landmarks of their past and reminisce on memories of what we will become.
*A Multimedia Drag Fantasia on Epidemiological Themes* [working title] explores and gently satirizes our most human urge to seek deeper understanding. It’s a celebration of our sometimes misguided, sometimes fruitful, but always insatiable impulse to make meaning of the circumstances we face.

Instagram: @maudesgram

Production photography by Tasha Best.