Confession: I'm racist (and so are you)

'A week later, I had come to this now embarrassingly obvious conclusion: who the f*ck am I to talk about race, or think that I’m not racist?' Read more

David Jubb - #DeliPod // episode 6

Roland sits down with David Jubb, Artistic Director of the Battersea Arts Centre.

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Louise Orwin - #Delipod // Extra! Extra!

Following on from storming Edinburgh Festival last summer, Louise Orwin is bringing back her electrifying show 'A Girl and A Gun' for what she threatens is the last time. As it opens this week - and runs 14th - 18th March at the Vault Festival - we thought we would treat you to a little extract from our stunning conversation with Louise.... Read more

Esther McAuley - #DeliPod // episode 4

As we celebrate 10 years since our first production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', Roland talks to one of that show's cast members, Esther McAuley, about her company 'Macs Arcadian' and her quest to make fearless and accessible performances for adults and children.

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Say Yes to Stuff [An Interview with Lydia Thompson]

Our fearless podcast producer on breaking down class barriers, her love of audio & the Spice Girls. Read more