Lend us your ears, your time, and most importantly, your curiosity. Step past the threshold of reality; step into the IMAGINARIUM. Read more


A joyous reminder about just how playful the world can be. Put your sofa in the front row with a digital production of Dust, live-recorded at Half Moon Theatre and professionally filmed and edited. Read more

Land of Nod

The day is almost done. It is time for Nod to tidy up and go to bed. But Nod doesn’t want to tidy his toys… he wants to go on adventures! Read more

Ghosts of Valentines Past

Gash Theatre brings you a spooktacular night of spine-tingling cabaret acts to celebrate the most terrifying day of the year: Valentine's Read more

Gash Theatre Makes A ThirstTrap

Gash Theatre Makes a ThirstTrap is immersive digital theatre set in a house haunted by ghosts of femininity. Using tropes of pop, film noir, drag, and burlesque, we explore the complexities of embracing our own sexualities in the current world. How does one make a feminist thirst trap? Read more

When We Started Singing

An uplifting short film featuring BSL, storytelling and song. Read more

The Gloaming

A poem-painting-musical collaboration from visual artist Twenty Pegs, poet Geoff Finan and composer Greg Clifford. Read more

Horizon (Playtest)

A game of intimate moments in epic settings, Horizon follows a dangerous and demanding journey through a fantastical wilderness. PWYC Read more

Right Hand Man

Comedian Richard Stott's "unquestionably funny" examination of body image, mental health and being disabled in an image-obsessed world. Read more

Sex & Violence (Work-in-Progress)

In Sex & Violence, Amy explores the relationship between domestic violence and consensual sexual violence, asking what, if any, correlation is there between the two, and whether our unwillingness to talk about either pushes them further underground. Read more

Poke The Bear (Work-in-Progress)

Is it theatre? Is it stand up? Is it the deep dark emotional truth of one person trapped in a sea of mental health issues and their unending inability to talk about any of it? Yes. Read more