At this time and always we stand with Black people in our family, amongst our team, our artists, our members, our collaborators, & audiences, & with Black communities across the world.
We encourage everyone to give their voice, and to back it with ongoing action. Setting up a regular donation to a relevant charity or fund is a great start.

A great theatre industry initiative is Black Ticket Project (link) which is creating cultural access points for Black young people across England.

We are committed to supporting and programming Black artists - even as we acknowledge that our programme has not always been a regular home for Black artists in the past. We have more to do to fully open up our doors and our programmes when we reopen our venues.

Finally, we encourage Black artists and companies to contact us to take advantage of our free consultancy offer (link), and start conversations with us that we can carry forward after lockdown. There's no time limit on this - when it makes sense, in the coming weeks and months, please get in touch.