Thursday 14th March 2024, 7.30-8.35pm

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Confident, provocative and supremely powerful, Rosy Carrick is great at sex. In fact, her onstage career has long been based around her gleeful frankness on the subject. And yet, the sex she’s always been so open about – her sex-life with men – is radically different from Rosy’s earliest and most private erotic fantasies, in which the musclebound heroes of movies like Conan and He-Man are publicly tortured and humiliated by their male antagonists, and where, alone with her imagination, sexual power means something very different. Now, newly single, forty and doling out relationship advice to a teenage daughter on the brink of her own first sexual encounter, Rosy is forced to confront the niggling suspicion that something about her sexual past has never felt quite right. Could reconnecting with the hyper-macho desires of her youth be the key to restoring her sexual power in the present? Or is there a more uncomfortable truth waiting to be reckoned with?

Recounting the hilariously obsessive real-life details of Rosy’s quest for sexual fulfilment alongside frank and intimate conversations with her daughter Olive and candid interviews with her childhood heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren, Musclebound leaps from the niche fetish of one individual woman into an important and long-overdue exploration of power, performance and the politics of pleasure in heterosexual sex, as Rosy is forced to ask herself: what are the sexual lessons we want to pass on to our daughters – and what do we still need to learn for ourselves?

“A startling, laugh out loud funny and erudite examination of age, relationships and female sexuality ★★★★” – WHAT’S ON STAGE

“Intelligent, thought-provoking and witty – the whole audience was crying with laughter ★★★★”– THE VOICE

“Perfectly poignant and profound... not only does Musclebound drip with Carrick’s charisma and burst with originality, it also presents an honest story of a woman and her adolescent daughter navigating the world of sex and desire” – THE LIST

“Excellent! – ★★★★” – PICK OF THE FRINGE

“Personal, compelling and confident... Rosy Carrick likes to touch herself – ★★★★” – LONDON THEATRE

“Funny, forthright, clever… a revelatory evening to men and women alike” – GSCENE

“If you have ever felt like an actor while having sex, if you’ve ever held back from telling a partner what will actually please you rather than simply doing what you’ve been led to believe should please you, please please go and see this show. It’s so funny and so fucking gutting. I cried and pissed my pants in equal measure – it is so important for so many reasons.” Hollie McNish


Director and Dramaturg Katie Bonna

About this performance

Age guidance: This performance is recommended for ages 15+

Content warning: Explicitly sexual and strong language

Duration: This performance is 65 minutes long. 

Interval: This performance does not have an interval. 

Pre/Post show activity:  This performance does not have any pre/post show activity.  

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Find out more about Rosy Carrick

Rosy Carrick’s debut play Passionate Machine won the awards for Best Design and Best New Play at Brighton Fringe in 2018, and The Infallibles Award for Theatrical Excellence at Edinburgh Fringe. Outside of theatre, Rosy has hosted the Glastonbury Poetry and Words stage for the last decade, and has a PhD on the Russian revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, of whose work she has released two collections in translation. She is currently co-writing a videogame with ZA/UM, the creators of Disco Elysium. “Clever, funny, quarrelsome, querulous, astonishing!” Sabotage

Facebook: /rosycarrickwriter

Twitter: @rosycarrick

Instagram: @rosycarrick

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