Saturday 11th November, 2.15pm - 3.45pm 

Sheffield and online. 

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How to be inclusive for people with chronic illnesses can be a challenge. How do you communicate? How do you adapt your schedules to fit partially unpredictable illnesses and how do you best understand everyones needs?

Inclusion needs to focus on everybody and if we take a closer look at it, maybe needs aren’t even that special, because we all have them, even though they might differ from person to person.

In this workshop I’d like to share my thoughts on working inclusively based on experience and from further reading. But even more so, I’d like to immediately implement some tools during the workshop itself, and there will be a big part in which we all work together to brainstorm challenges, discuss solutions and hopefully we'll all leave the room, with lots of ideas that are easy to implement. 

If you have any needs that you would like to share with Sophie ahead of the workshop that you do not feel comfortable sharing in the room, please email Sophie at [email protected] 

About this activity 

Event type: Workshop 

Duration: This activity is 90 minutes long. 

Interval: This activity has an interval

Pre/post event activity: This activity does not have a post show discussion but questions can be asked throughout.

Tickets: This workshop is free. Tickets are available through Eventbrite. 


If you have any needs that you would like to share with Sophie ahead of the workshop that you do not feel comfortable sharing in the room, please email Sophie at [email protected] 

All workshops and performances in the Social Model…& More Festival will include:

  • In person BSL interpretation 

  • In person level access and accessible toilets 

  • In person dedicated calm room

  • The option to attend online

  • Online performances will include BSL interpretation and captioning. 

Access at Theatre Deli Sheffield

Access at Theatre Deli’s Sheffield venue includes level access throughout, a dedicated calm room, a hearing loop and accessible toilets. If you have any specific access requirements you would like us to be aware of, please email [email protected].

Covid 19

Please note that we have taken the following precautions to protect audiences from the spread of Covid-19:

  • Reduced capacity for all in person events
  • Provided online options for all events
  • Encouraging audiences, artists and staff to wear masks to in person events if they are able to

Find out more about Sophie Helbig

Sophie is an actress, voice artist and playwright with an MSC in psychology conversion. Growing up with a chronic illness she knows the challenges that can arise and how badly it can affect a career within the industry. Today she is fully recovered and is currently working on a play about the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome on a happy relationship. Together with Beck Gadsby from Inside Theatre and the support from Theatre Deli, they aim to work with at least 50% affected people to develop a frame work that allows more inclusivity backstage, on stage and in the auditorium.

Facebook: /LSHelbig

Instagram: @LSHelbig

Twitter: @LSHelbig

The Social Model…& More Festival 

Taking place across Theatre Deli's Sheffield and London venues in November 2023, the festival, which has been curated by artist Caroline Mawer, explores new perspectives on disability and the relationship between disabled people and the world around them.

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