Friday 10th November 2023 7pm-7.45pm 

Sheffield and online

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Furious at being assigned to Earth to conduct anthropological fieldwork, transdimensional being Emo enby Cass demands to be reassigned, but relocation has unanticipated consequences for Cass and their otherworldly drag-king supervisor, Iris. Assigned Earth at Birth is a live-digital hybrid, interactive sci-fi comedy about doomerism, neurodiversity / neuroqueerness, and the pain of living in a world that works against your survival. It is the first story in the Intrapology series (, that explores how people make worlds together, through the allegory of the Transdimensional Research Institute. By taking actions such as voting on dialogue options, the audience guides what the protagonist says, does, and thinks. This will be an unrehearsed reading, with two actors performing a script shaped by messages and votes from the audience via a web app.

“[Made me feel] Weirdly comforted? Like life makes slightly more sense”

“It made me feel transported.”

“Genius, very funny”

“The form is really bold + ambitious.” 

“Made me think/reflect on the complexities of navigating life and society in our world.”

From audience feedback at workshop performances


Web app built with Dietrich Squinkifer. Desktop artwork by Liz Ryerson. Special thanks to Sheffield Theatres and Barrel Organ Theatre for supporting early development of this project.

About this activity

Event type: Performance

Age guidance: This activity is recommended for ages 13+.  

Content warning: This activity is aimed at an adult audience but does not include anything unsuitable for young people aged 13+. 

Duration: This activity is 45 minutes long. 

Interval: This activity does not have an interval.

Pre/post event activity: This activity does not have a post show discussion.

Tickets: Tickets cost £5 - £40 and are available to purchase through Eventbrite. Your ticket will also provide you with access to all online events. Please make sure to book your place on any other workshops. 


This performance includes:

  • Captioning with tone indicators 
  • Screen-reader compatible. In-person attendees who use screen readers are asked to bring earphones. 
  • Visual descriptions of the characters are written into the script.

All workshops and performances in the Social Model…& More Festival will include:

  • In person BSL interpretation 

  • In person level access and accessible toilets 

  • In person dedicated calm room

  • The option to attend online

  • Online performances will include BSL interpretation and captioning. 

Access at Theatre Deli Sheffield

Access at Theatre Deli’s Sheffield venue includes level access throughout, a dedicated calm room, a hearing loop and accessible toilets. If you have any specific access requirements you would like us to be aware of, please email [email protected]

Covid 19

Please note that we have taken the following precautions to protect audiences from the spread of Covid-19:

  • Reduced capacity for all in person events
  • Provided online options for all events
  • Encouraging audiences, artists and staff to wear masks to in person events if they are able to

Find out more about Zoyander Street

Zoyander Street (they/them) is a neuroqueer and disabled artist-researcher, working at the weird fringe of indie games since 2011. They specialise in interactive media and stories that break away from linear structure, to embrace ambiguity, complexity, and mess. Their work tends to cross disciplinary boundaries, such as live theatre with game-like interaction, or videogames for gallery spaces. They are starting a new series of interactive plays about how we make worlds together, how our worlds become divided, and how we can reconnect.

Facebook: /zoyander

Twitter: @zoyander

Instagram: @zoyander

The Social Model…& More Festival 

Taking place across Theatre Deli's Sheffield and London venues in November 2023, the festival, which has been curated by artist Caroline Mawer, explores new perspectives on disability and the relationship between disabled people and the world around them.

Find out more about The Social Model…& More Festival here.

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