About the Technique
The Meisner technique is regarded as theatre’s best kept secret. It is an approach to acting which was developed by the American theatre practitioner Sanford Meisner. The focus of the Meisner Technique is for the actor to “get out of their head” such that the actor is behaving instinctively to the surrounding environment honestly and truthfully under the imaginary circumstance.
Moving through the technique
The London Meisner company offers four separate classes so actors are able to move through the technique.
INTRODUCTORY - This Introductory Drop-In class invites actors in any stage of their career to come and try Meisner for the very first time. Including a comprehensive overview of the technique and exploration of its very first stages, the class is designed to help build a foundation and understanding of Meisner before moving onto more complex exercises. Exercises: Tone Work / Single Word Repetition
BEGINNER REPETITION - This Beginners Drop-In class is for actors who have a basic practical understanding of the Meisner Technique. This might mean you’ve attended a few taster sessions or workshops but have not yet progressed too far into the technique and are wanting to explore more. Exercises: Single Word Repetition / Calling on Behaviour
ADVANCED REPETITION - This Advanced Repetition class is for those who have had prior Meisner Technique training either elsewhere or in the Introductory and Beginner sessions. These sessions are for actors to focus on the further development of being honest and going deeply into the Repetition and the truthfulness of each moment. Exercises: Calling on Behaviour
ADVANCED TECHNIQUE - You must have had prior training in the Meisner Technique to attend this Advanced Technique class. You should have a strong understanding and grasp of Calling On Behaviour and Independent Activities. This class will include the last few advanced phases of the Technique including: Independent Activities, Knock at the Door and Emotional Preparation.
How to book
The link will take you to The London Meisner Company's website, specifically to the page to book a Drop In class.
When is it?
INTRODUCTORY - every Monday at 6pm 
ADVANCED TECHNIQUE - every Monday at 7:30pm
ADVANCED REPETITION - every Tuesday at 6pm
BEGINNER REPETITION - every Tuesday at 7:30pm 
All classes are 1hr 30minutes.
All regular weekly Drop In classes are priced at £19.99 per class. We occasionally offer bespoke classes, workshops, and intensives. Keep up to date on The London Meisner Company website for more info. 
Age Guidance
Find out more about The London Meisner Company
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If you have specific questions regarding your access requirements, please contact us by email to info@thelondonmeisnercompany.com 
“Training with them has completely changed my career and elevated my acting ability beyond what I could've ever imagined.” - Hollie Hurrell
“Real Meisner in London. Not just ‘your shirt is blue’ repetition.” - Chris Chung
"A purest approach to Meisner with no short cuts, just dedication, hard work and honest feedback"- Chris Cordell
“The training has opened me up in ways I never thought possible. To anyone serious about becoming an excellent actor, this place and teacher are for you.”- Julian Moore-Cook