Under One Roof Consultancy

UOR helps brands to tell their narrative through top influencers globally, whether that is on blog-sites, YouTube channels or social media platforms.Read more

Twenty Pegs

High quality independent clothing brand, founded on creative collaboration. Founder Greg describes it as, “Haphazardly throwing stuff together just to see what happens. I’m all about the journey, just get me to the start line.”Read more

The Game is Now

The Game is Now is an escape the room adventure for groups of 3-6 people. You will go on a 60-minute quest through time solving puzzles, challenges and mysteries!Read more

Rogue Productions

Rogue Productions are pioneers in immersive entertainment. Rogue have create award winning independent work, as well as bespoke games and experiences for brands, attractions and institutions.Read more

Pony Bikes

Pony Bikes are a bike company who are not just for getting around but for changing the way the world goes round.Read more

House of Q

House of Q are a highly acclaimed variety performance collective and associate partners of Theatre Deli, featuring Burlesque vixen Felicity Furore, musical magician Neil Kelso and gender-bending clown Alexander Luttley.Read more

Hopeful Traders

Hopeful Traders is a social arts project and creative brand. By collaborating with artists affected by homelessness and mental illness, they give a voice to all the people affected by these issues.Read more

Fire Hazard Games

Fire Hazard Games make high-energy real-life games that are easy to play and hard to forget. They run regular games in a multiple cities, and private games for team-building, corporate away days and groups.Read more

Exceptional Individuals

Exceptional Individuals are the first employment partnership for dyslexic people.E.I help them overcome key barriers, and work with business to create more inclusive workplaces.Read more

Delightful Media

Delightful Media are the gurus when it comes to social video production and distribution for food and drink brands. Through social video channels, they offer brans the opportunity to reach consumers via authentic partnershipsRead more

Dee Boss Talent Management LTD

Dee Boss Talent Management is a casting agent who helps both the talent and their parents navigate their way around this exciting, complex and sometimes frustrating Industry.Read more


CLiKD is here to change the way people meet by taking you beyond photos and superficialities – to the person behind the profile.Read more