Theatre Deli presents Shift+Space Spring 2024, a season of nine bleeding-edge work-in-progress performances. 

This season includes several shows that lie at the intersection of activism and protest. These show challenge inaction, demand change, offer lessons from history and inspire new perspectives. We are committed to providing a space for provoking narratives that address issues of social justice, equality, and activism.

The season begins with Invisible Targets (5th and 6th April), a critical examination of the treatment of pregnant bodies within the Western healthcare system by Timna Krenn. Followed by Black Bird (12th and 13th April) by Jaelon Love, a commentary on and a reflection of the act of freedom and liberation against the harsh judgements and stereotypes bestowed upon Black women. 

Two pictures of Jaelon side by side, Jaelon is a young black woman with her who is performing to an audience. She is wearing a black top and a cream cardigan, she is looking pensive and thoughtful in both images

Black Bird by Jaelon Love

Dia Tria Collective invites the audience to take part in an interactive activist project 'Another Flag' (19th and 20th April), to collectively recreate the fabric for a world that is safe for women and artists, followed by The Mute Messiah (26th and 27th April) a theatrical exploration of the UKs benefits system, "taking the audience on a Kafkaesque journey", by Paul Koloman Kaiba. 

Image of a hanging white bed sheet and two hands in front of a concrete wall. The fabric is slightly folded and creasy. The hand on the left is holding the fabric and the hand on the right is placed just below the sheet. On the bottom right corner th

Another Flag by Dia Tria Collective

In May, Liu Diyu provides a different perspective on "resistance" based on events that unfolded in China during the Covid-19 pandemic in A Ship of Fools (3rd and 4th May). Sorry? (10th and 11th May) by Sophie Halstead is a a cabaret-equse dance solo about deaf identity.  ‘The Planet Is _____’ (17th and 18th May) is a verbatim musical about climate justice, friendship and what it means to be an activist brought to you by climate activists Natasha Pavey and Meg McGrady. 

A Silent Scandal (24th and 25th May) by Meade Conway tackles Ireland's difficult past and the psychology that allowed abuse to proliferate inside its institutions for decades. Our season rounds off with the exciting The Trash Supper (31st May to 1st June) by Lucia Pazzini: "An absurd, visceral, and anarchic restaging of the Passion of Jesus."

Previous Shift+Space feedback:

As Peruvian immigrant artists living in London, Theatre Deli SHIFT+SPACE experience was a great platform for us. This opportunity pushed ourselves and gives us the chance to show our first collaborative project together. Uproar is not only a performance, but our own approach to social justice and empathy with Peruvians in the midst of a political crisis. Creating a performance like this was not easy but we found in Theatre Deli’s team a great support: from the production team, admin, volunteers and amazing technician “J”. All of them always had time, kind words, and the best attitude and great energy to support us. Big thank you from Carolina and Moyra

- Carolina Rieckhof and Moyra Cecilia Silva Rodriguez, SHIFT+SPACE Artists, Autumn / Winter 2023

Supporting over 35 companies since opening in Autumn 2021, SHIFT+SPACE has granted some artists their first ever performance opportunity and set many on journeys to UK tours, slots at VAULT Festival and even award nominations. The programme includes free access to a package of resources including five days of space, technical expertise and marketing support to help them move their work-in-progress to the next stage. Artists in the scheme keep 100% of the Box Office.

A national meanwhile-space charity, Theatre Deli’s model involves taking over unused spaces to support artists and offer communities access to the arts. The organisation opened its most recent London venue on Leadenhall Street and around the corner from the Gherkin in July 2022. Theatre Deli's latest Sheffield venue opened it’s doors in spring 2023. 

Esther Hallas Smith, Producer of Theatre Deli said: 

"We are thrilled to share with you our next season of Shift+Space. This programme is a reflection on the broad spectrum of what protest and activism theatre can be with a hugely talented array of artists."

SHIFT+SPACE opens in April 2024 and will run across most weekends from April to June 2024 at Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, City of London, EC3A 4AF

Ticket prices vary. Tickets can be booked at

Full Programme

Invisible Targets by Timna Krenn | 5th and 6th April

Follow a heartfelt journey that delves into the complex topic of stillbirth, shedding light on the healthcare system and its impact on pregnant bodies as a solo performance.

Black Bird by Jaelon Love | 12th and 13th April

Black Bird explores the truth behind the mask black women have to wear for others. 

Another Flag by Dia Tria Collective | 19th and 20th April

A live, multimedia project to collectively re-create the fabric of a world that is safe for women and artists.

The Mute Messiah by Paul Koloman Kaiba | 26th and 27th April

The Mute Messiah is a theatrical exploration of the UKs benefits system, taking the audience on a Kafkaesque journey, filled with contradictions & performative cruelty, and juxtaposed with modern day miracles, compassion and solidarity.

The Ship of Fools by Liu Diyu | 3rd and 4th May

This is a collection of everyday scenes, using allegorical stories to reveal how, during the COVID-19 pandemic in China, people endeavoured to live in an environment beyond their control.


Sorry? by Sophie Halstead | 10th and 11th May

A cabaret-equse dance solo about deaf identity.

‘The Planet Is _____’  by Natasha Pavey and Meg McGrady | 17th and 18th May

It’s June 2022, two young climate activists decide to document a year in their lives, navigating a movement that’s being stripped of the right to protest.

A Silent Scandal | 24th and 25th May

A story focusing on how a scandal at an Irish school is unearthed and ruthlessly suppressed.

The Trash Supper by Lucia Pazzini | 31st May to 1st June

An absurd, visceral, and anarchic re-staging of the Passion of Jesus.

Callout: SHIFT+SPACE Summer 2024

Application Deadline:  12th April, 10am

We are now calling out for artists to take part in our Summer season of SHIFT+SPACE, running from June to the end of July. SHIFT+SPACE is a free performance opportunity in our Leadenhall Street (London) venue, including marketing support and 100% of the Box Office, providing artists the opportunity to develop their work using feedback from a live audience.

Find out how to apply here