Straight off the back of our Autumn Season, SHIFT+SPACE returns this summer with another selection of 8 ground-breaking experimental work-in-progress productions. 

Described as gold-dust for radical art & theatre creators” by programmed artists, SHIFT+SPACE is a unique take on work-in-progress programming, which offers artists an opportunity to present their performance on a Friday and incorporate audience feedback over a 24 hour period before performing again on Saturday evening. 

We’re kicking off the summer season on the 7th and 8th of June with new writing by Oida Theatre, who are presenting Baggage Reclaim, an exploration of identity, perception, and humanity's intrinsic curiosity. Followed by an interactive, audio-based dance installation, Where We Meet, brought to you by Unwired Dance Theatre on the 13th and 14th of June. Be transported to one of Chekov’s greatest plays through live cinema, a killer soundtrack and a questionable Russian accent in That F*cking Seagull, or Why Masha Always Wears Black  (21st and 22nd June). Up In the Mango Trees (28th and 29th June) by Britny Virginia tells the story of Tas’xii, a young disabled woman who is the first to run for Saint Lucia's prestigious title of Carnival Queen.

On 5th and 6th July, you can catch Hello, Box Office which asks: In a world where only one theatre in the entire country can get funding, who will come out on top? On the 12th and 13th July, explore the prison writings of Oscar Wilde, set in a queer club, as Cutpurse brings you Out of the Depths, bridging theatre and club culture. Genre and gender bending Made From Love (19th and 20th July) is an experimental piece from Artistic Rebellion, where two actors make a play to try and process an intangible loss. Rounding off our Summer season is Invisible Space by AwfulShoes Collective on the 26th and 27th July - a journey of redefining strangers, making the audience the center of space.

Supporting over 35 companies since opening in Autumn 2021, SHIFT+SPACE has granted some artists their first ever performance opportunity and set many on journeys to UK tours, slots at VAULT Festival and even award nominations. The programme includes free access to a package of resources including five days of space, technical expertise and marketing support to help them move their work-in-progress to the next stage. Artists in the scheme keep 100% of the Box Office.

Summer 2024 Season 

Various suitcases in a dimly lit room, all varying colours and sizes. One larger suitcase is in the foreground and is on its side, the suitcase has items of clothing and belongings falling out A group of 3 people in a dark environment forming a circle and connecting with their arms towards each other and their hands touching at the fingertips. Their body is angled and is in movement. Two of them, the audience members, are wearing headphone

7th and 8th June

Baggage Reclaim

Oida! Theatre

13th and 14th June

Where We Meet

Unwired Dance Theatre

A black and white photocopy-style image.   In the foreground is a figure of a woman (waist up), holding a bouquet of flowers. The flowers are highlighted in hot pink and her mouth is covered with a hot pink rectangle.   The background looks like grid

Poster with pastel blue background. At the left is a dancing woman in the middle of a yellow mango shape frame. She is wearing a colourful headwrap and her eyes are closed to signify enjoyment. On the right hand corner are vibrant green leaves and ye

21st and 22nd June 

That F*cking Seagull, or Why Masha Always Wears Black 

this is not a test

28th and 29th June 

Up In the Mango Trees

Britiny Virginia 

There is a grey desk with three telephones on it. The telephone in the middle is bright red. There are phone cords and wires everywhere. Around the desk are boxes and boxes of ticket stock. A computer monitor sits discarded with a post-it-note readin a blurry image of people dancing in a club. There are colours of pink, purple and orange.  There is a vague outline of a person dancing with their hands on their head, dancing opposite another person moving their head

5th and 6th of July 

Hello, Box Office

Five Pigeons Pecking a Bin Bag

12th and 13th July 

Out of the Depths


a picture of a chalkboard. On the chalkboard is a cutout of an NHS leaflet which  has been cut into the shape of a heart. On top of the heart the words: Made From Love have been written on miniature white chairs floating in between pieces of red felt

19th and 20th July

Made From Love

Artistic Rebellion

26th and 27th July

Invisible Space by AwfulShoes Collective

AwfulShoes Collective

SHIFT+SPACE opens in June 2024 and will run across most weekends to July 2023 at Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, City of London, EC3A 4AF

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