Theatre Deli offers artist residencies, but ‘residency’ can mean different things to different organisations within the arts industry.

  • Normally a ‘residency’ means a period of time that an artist is supported by an arts organisation
  • Sometimes the period of time is several years, a year, a season of work, a specific project or just a few weeks.
  • Often support includes money, space to work and make art, and meetings with staff at the organisation to support the project and the artist’s skills or their career.
  • Sometimes accommodation is offered, but more often it means that the artist has a meaningful relationship with that organisation for that time, so it is like their artistic ‘home’. Deli does not offer accommodation as part of its residencies.
  • Sometimes it means that artists, as well as making work, are part of discussions and decision-making within the organisation.
  • Especially in the performing arts, residencies can be offered to companies as well as individual artists.
  • Sometimes the selected artists will be called ‘artist in residence’, Resident Artists or Resident Companies.

At Deli, we normally offer two-week residencies, which are focused around a specific project. Sometimes the two weeks are offered as specific dates, and sometimes they are flexible. The space offered is normally usable Monday-Friday, 10-6pm. Theatre Deli offers money and consultancy with Theatre Deli staff as part of all its residencies, and other details of what is currently offered can be found on our website.

Artist Residency Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than 1 programme?

At the timing of writing (2022) Theatre Deli has 3 residency programmes open, this is so we can continue our commitment to championing diversity and supporting underrepresented communities. 

Applicants should choose the programme that best applies to them and only apply for 1 residency programme.

I have more than 1 project, can I submit multiple applications?

Many artists work on multiple projects at once, however for our residency programme we ask artists to really consider which project would most benefit from our programmes and to only make one application.

What do you mean by underrepresented and marginalised communities for your XL Residency?

Our XL residency was introduced last year to support artists from communities who do not see themselves represented in culture in London or Sheffield including ethnic minority, LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities.

However, following our 2021 residency applications we determined we needed to reach out further to support disabled artists and have therefore created a new Access Residency.

Please note that the XL residency is not exclusively for ethnic minority or LGBTQIA+ communities, other underrepresented communities are also encourage to apply such as: single parents and older age artists. 

I am a disabled artist which programme should I apply for?

Our Access Residency programme has been introduced specifically to support disabled artists, please apply for this programme.

Do I qualify for applying for the Access Residency?

This residency programme has been introduced to support disabled artists. 

We acknowledge that elements of our definition of a disability such as “normal day-to-day activities” and “impairments” are socially constructed terms, and we are therefore enabling you to determine if these apply to you and your individual circumstance. 

I plan to take my project to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival does this make my application ineligible?

No, not at all. We have supported many projects that have then gone and participated in the Edinburgh Festival. We want to support projects during their development to ensure they reach their full potential and continue to have a life after our support whether that be in England, the UK or abroad. 

I am hoping to apply for other funding to support my project does this impact my ability to apply?

No, not at all. In fact we encourage companies to source additional funding so as to support the development of their piece. We can also support artists with their applications to Arts Council England. If you would like support please book one of our Virtual Deli Drop in Sessions. You can find out about them here.

Are Theatre Deli Residencies only open to UK residents?

To be able to benefit fully from the residency opportunity, lead artists should be resident in the UK, even if only temporarily.

I fall into different intersections and therefore could apply for any of the programmes, which should I apply to?

This really rests with the you, and which you feel is most appropriate for both you as an artist and what the project needs. 
To help make the decision, really think about what it is you would like to achieve through the residency and, therefore, what you need in order to do that. Then, consider this alongside the requirements/needs you have as an artist and then apply those findings to the residency programmes, so as to determine which programme to apply for.