The Theatres Trust has awarded £2,950 to Theatre Deli Sheffield to install an Infrared Hearing Loop System in our theatre space.

The Theatres Trust Small Grants Programme supported by The Linbury Trust, has awarded £64k to help futureproof 14 theatres across the UK.

Projects funded in this round will improve accessibility, make repairs and upgrade key plant and machinery, crucial projects to ensure the long-term survival of these spaces in an ever-changing and developing world.

Along with theatres such as Lichfield Garrick, Ledbury's Market Theatre and MAC Belfast, Theatre Deli will use the funding to improve accessibility to audiences.

Theatre Deli will use the funding to install an infrared hearing loop system in our theatre space to ensure that performers and audiences with hearing impairments can fully participate in and enjoy performances and activities and allow us to diversify programming.

"We are thrilled to receive support from the Theatres Trust and the Linbury Trust. The funding awarded will be used to install an infra red hearing loop which will make a substantial impact on our audiences and artists."

Daljinder Singh, Executive Producer for Theatre Deli Sheffield

Read the full announcement from The Theatres Trust here. 

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Theatre Delis performance space lit in purple with black fold out chairs set up facing the stage

Theatre Deli's performance space ready for a performance. Image credit: Lawson Howling Photography

Theatre Delis space set up for a conference with round and rectangular tables set up with chairs in front of a stage with a screen and microphone. The lighting is pink and green, accentuating the chairs laid out.

Theatre Deli Sheffield's theatre space set up for a conference