From our third Sheffield venue as part of CADS artists studios, we support artists and communities across Sheffield and beyond. 

Address: Cuthbert House, Arley Street, Sheffield, S2 4QP

Opening hours: 10am- 6pm from Monday-Friday (open evenings and weekends for events and performances)

For all hire and programming enquires, please contact [email protected]

Theatre Deli's new Arley Street venue in Sheffield is now open to the public. 

Based in CADS' artist studios on Arley Street, Theatre Deli is now open as a Bar | Cafe from 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday, with rehearsal rooms to hire and performances and events available online.

Theatre Delis performance space lit up in purple and blue.

Theatre Deli's Performance Space.

For all enquiries about hiring our spaces and programming Theatre Deli Sheffield, please email [email protected].

Theatre Deli's Housewarming Party on Friday 17th March 

Over 160 people attended Theatre Deli's Housewarming Party on Friday 17th March with performances from urban music events initiative Slambarz (@slambarz_cicand drag king extraordinaire Sigi Moonlight and friends (@sigimoonlight), introduced by Theatre Deli's Chair of the Board Pam Fraser Solomon and Executive Producer Daljinder Singh.

We're proud to be a home for artists who can access space and opportunities to develop their ideas and bring their vision to life. We also look forward to engaging with the communities in our area so that they can tell their stories and connect with each other.

Daljinder Singh, Executive Producer for Theatre Deli Sheffield 

Three drag kings stood on stage at Theatre Deli

Sigi Moonlight and Friends performing at Theatre Deli's Housewarming Party

The refurbishment of the venue has been funded by a mixed grant and loan provided by the Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund and received via Key Fund. The fund comes from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), as part of the legacy of the Great Exhibition in the North.

Theatre Deli's Housewarming Party in Photos 

Crowds gather under Theatre Deli sign and festoon lighting

Two people peek behind the theatre curtain
Crowds gather in Theatre Deli's Bar and Cafe. Audience members peek behind the theatre curtain.
Daljinder Singh, Executive Producer for Sheffield and Chair of Theatre Delis Board of Trustees Pam Fraser Solomon laugh together on stage Head of Theatre Deli
Theatre Deli's Executive Producer Daljinder Singh laughs on stage with Chair of the Board Pam Fraser Solomon. Chair of Theatre Deli's Board Pam Fraser Solomon delivers a speech for the Housewarming Party.
A full room of people sit watching a speech A woman with glasses and long grey hair looks up at abstract paintings on a wall
Full house: audiences watch the opening speeches. Guest looking at artwork by Nicole-Rose Munhawa.
Sigi Moonlight leans back in a chair legs akimbo in the air with large wedge heels. Oedipussi Rex stretches out their arms in an extravagant silver outfit with a big silver bear and long hair.
Drag king Sigi Moonlight performing. Follow @SigiMoonlight on Instagram. Drag king Oedipussi Rex on stage. Follow @oedipussi.rex on Instagram.
Audience members smile at Drag King performance A black and white close up of drag king Tito Bone singing into a mic

Audiences laugh at performances from Sigi Moonlight and Friends.

Drag King Tito Bone sings into a mic on stage. Follow @KingTitoBone on Instagram.

Sigi and Oedipussi Rex onstage talking to an audience member Audience members laugh at drag kings performance
Sigi Moonlight and Oedipussi Rex on stage. Audiences laugh at performances from the kings.
Two people pull pizza from wood fired over A woman in a face mask waits for a pizza as a man wearing blue gloves starts to serve.
Pizza provided by the team at Veloce Fresco. Guests wait for pizza from Veloce Fresco.
Dom from Slambarz speaks into the mic DJ Dylan leans over his laptop on stage
Dom from Slambarz CIC compering the acts. Follow @Slambarz_CIC on Instagram. DJ Dylan Laylor from Slambarz CIC. Follow @Slambarz_CIC on Instagram.
Keys TT sits on a chair, legs apart speaking into a mic. DJ Dylan stands at his laptop in the background. Tiger stands onstage laughing and wearing a grey track suit
Keyz.TT from Slambarz CIC performing. Follow @keyz.tenten on Instagram. Tiger from Slambarz CIC on stage. Follow @tigaligz on Instagram 
Omilea Mottershaw on stage performing. Kid Blu3e holds a mic on stage.
Omilea Mottershaw from Slambarz CIC on stage. Follow @omileamott on Instagram. Kid Blu3e from Slambarz CIC performing. Follow @Kid_Blu3e on Instagram. 
Monochrome image of audiences clapping Nathaniel Short sings into mic.
Audiences applauding acts from Slambarz CIC. Nathaniel Short from Slambarz CIC singing. Follow @nathaniel_sh0rt on Instagram.
 Producer Miranda stands under the Box Office sign while crowds mill about. Team behind the bar at Theatre Deli serve drinks to guests
Crowds mingling in front of the Box Office.  Guests getting drinks at Theatre Deli's bar.

Photo credits: Lawson Howling Photography @LawsonHowlingPhotography 

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