We are saddened and surprised by Nathan Geering's resignation which he has tendered with immediate effect.

We will be making a more complete public statement when it is possible and appropriate for us to do so.

We have reached out to Nathan with the hopes that he will attend an externally facilitated and impartial grievance panel to discuss the serious allegations he has made. We will then carry out a thorough investigation, in line with our Grievance Procedure.

Multiple confidential HR issues involving members of staff with different intersecting identities have influenced our decision making in recent months. We have a duty of care to everyone that works with us.

We understand how pervasive and nuanced institutional and systemic racism can be. At the same time, we do not recognise the Theatre Deli described in Nathan's public post. We will continue to work to be an organisation which welcomes everyone, which provides safe spaces to create art, and we hope to continue to learn from everyone who works with us.

We thank you for any patience you are able to afford us as we investigate further.

We hope to rebuild trust with the communities and individuals we work with in the coming months, which we know will have been affected by these public comments.

If you have any questions or require more information about the above statement, please contact [email protected].