From January - May 2023, we are excited to present the third season of our celebrated rapid development programme SHIFT+SPACE

Described as “a space for genuine experimentation and play” and “an invaluable opportunity” by previous artists in the programme, SHIFT+SPACE is a unique take on work-in-progress programming, which offers artists an opportunity to present their performance on a Friday and incorporate audience feedback over a 24 hour period before presenting again on Saturday evening. 

Opening on 20th January with the gender and genre-bending plewds by Katherine Payne, Spring 2023 will be Theatre Deli’s largest SHIFT+SPACE season to date, showcasing performances from 14 companies. A non-prescriptive programme,  SHIFT+SPACE offers artists a chance to experiment and play with audience interaction. This season, audiences will join as a collective body in you wake up / octopus, influence the unique experience of those who come after them in climate change commentary Your Progress Will Be Saved and deconstruct and rebuild Hamlet in role-playing game Play Upon Me.

The flexible call out for SHIFT+SPACE allows artists to explore their own ideas, including autobiographical themes of identity from gender norms and queerness to trans journeys and the meaning of family. Performances in the line-up ask questions around hidden disabilities, colonialism and even the murky world of insurance brokering, while genres range include dance, music, cabaret and VR.

Since opening in Autumn 2021, SHIFT+SPACE has supported 19 companies, granting many their first ever performance opportunity. The programme includes free access to a package of resources including five days of space, technical expertise and marketing support to help them move their work-in-progress to the next stage. On top of this, artists keep 100% of the Box Office, which many have cited as particularly useful in the current economic climate. 

“SHIFT+SPACE continues to be an exciting, intensive testbed, the centrepiece to our ongoing London artistic offer, focused in on getting extraordinary new work in front of audiences at an early stage, and getting immediate responses so that artists can try things out straight away. I can't wait to see this latest batch taking over our Leadenhall Street space.”

David Ralf, Executive Director & CEO of Theatre Deli 

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SHIFT+SPACE Spring 2023 

Link to plewds page. A person stands on stage in a mac

link to abigails adventure... page. Medieval depiction of witches in a circle with devils

20-21 January

plewds by Katheryn Payne

Funny | Dark | Queer 

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10-11 February

Abigails Adventures in Boston or: An Invocation of the Goddess Babylon by Jordana Belaiche 

Queer | Witch | Rebellion

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Link to Your Progress Will be Saved. A person dressed as a ghost in a white sheet with sunglasses dances around a lamppost Link to The Dive at Wax Cave. A body of water in front of the opening of a cave with shapes of what looks like mysterious creatures and deformed skulls in the distance

17-18 February

Your Progress Will Be Saved by Shepard Tone      

Fun | Interactive | Ghosts

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3 - 4 March

The Dive at Wax Cave by Stormjar 

Ambient | Chilling | Mind-Bending

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Link to Retraced page. A person dances on stage in front of projected sillouhettes of dancers. Link to Radiophonics. Three women stand on stage wearing comical outfits - one with a moustache on their head looking suprised, another looking serious with a fake moustache and a feather bower

10 - 11 March

Retraced by Fuse 

Interactive | Immersive | Collaborative 

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17-18 March

[RADIOPHONICS] by Eva Collins 

Idiots | Wannabe | Clever 

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Link to wake up octopus. On a dark stage is a bubble of blue fabric lit from the inside by purple light and red dappled projections, wrapped around two crouching figures. They face one another, only discernible as silhouettes, reaching their arms toward each other, but never quite touching. Photo by Lidia Crisafulli. Link to Woo Woolf page. A painting of a hand releasing butterflies towards the sun

24-25 March

you wake up / octopus by Mushmoss Collective  

Immersive | Magical | Playful

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31 March-1 April 

Woo Woolf by Xiaonan Wang

Curious | Cheeky | Lyrical

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Link to Big Zeus... page. Three men stand among trees. They are all wearing brightly coloured ponchos, and flower crowns. The men are all looking directly at the camera.Two have moustaches and one has a soul patch. Linke to Post Incidient Product page. A small toy shark on a brown carpet against a white wall. Next to its open mouth is a piece of white lined paper, with the words “POST INCIDENT PRODUCT” written on it in Sharpie.

7-8 April

Big Zeus Energy by Christiaan Hendriksen 

Momentous | Life- Changing | Bonkers

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14-15 April

Post-Incident-Product by Pip Williams 

Choose | Your | Policy

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Link to Self-Made Man page. Cas, a transgender man with partially bleached hair and black rimmed glasses, has the trans flag painted on his face, smiles slightly and looks slightly to the left.

Link to Next of Kin page. Distorted photo of two yellow flowers on a white-grey background. 

28-29 April

Self-Made Man by Cas Potterton

Insightful | Celebratory | Honest

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5-6 May

Next Of Kin by Hannah Calascione & Emily Jones

Verbatim | Queer | Motherhood

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