Since 2007 Theatre Deli has conceived, created and managed 10 “pop-up” creative spaces to house their own work and communities of like-minded artists.

By pioneering ongoing relationships with a range of stakeholders including property developers, councils, and private donors they have created a unique artistic business model without significant traditional funding

After staging a series of acclaimed plays, in 2010 they launched their first collaboration with other artists, ‘Theatre Souk’ in a derelict college just off Oxford Street. This ground-breaking festival and emerging artist support programme, premiered 15 new immersive performances from emerging artists, and signalled a change in direction for the company. So far the festival has been reincarnated 3 times, as ‘Bush Bazaar’ for The Bush Theatre in 2012, SPACED2014 at the ex-BBC London studios, and Horror Souk in Sheffield in September 2014. It’s provided £60,000 of direct financial support, space and workshops to 58 companies from around the UK.

In February 2011, Theatre Del was profiled in The Observer as one of the “Bright Young Things Changing British Theatre.” The same year Theatre Deli began its transformation from a theatre company to an arts organisation when it took over CurvingRoad Ltd, a charity whose mission was to support artists in the development of their practice and career.

In 2012 Theatre Deli took residency in the ex-BBC London building on Marylebone High Street. Between 2012-2014 a collective of emerging theatre and live art companies, designers and creatives – Halfcut, The Lab Collective, Stamp Collective, Fergus Waldron, Dan Simon and Kat Heath – helped manage the venue, create art and support artists.

They have created a unique artistic business model without significant traditional funding.

The space become an incubator for interactive, participatory and promenade performance including Theatre Delicatessen’s Henry V, Halfcut’s ShelfLife, The Lab Collective’s The Pinstripe Trilogy, Stamp Collective’s Moralgorithm, and DifferencEngine’s Heist.

They currently have bases in London and Sheffield. Theatre Deli has a core staff of 8 supported by approximately 80 casual staff and volunteers. They have supported over 2000 artists, providing £250,000 of direct financial support to artists and over £500,000 of subsided rehearsal, development and performance space.