Gizza a tenner! That's all we need from you! Just £10. 

All of us at Theatre Deli share a simple ambition.

We want to create the space, support and resources so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their artistic potential. Because a cultural life is a rich & wonderful life!

The organisation's main priority is to empower artists who want to change the world. We do this by supporting artists who have been marginalised, creating alternative, free and affordable opportunities for people to make and experience art, and provide a platform for social justice. 

Over the first decade of its existence Theatre Deli has transformed 10 empty buildings in London and the North of England, supported over 100,000 theatre makers, performers, visual artists and creatives, opened up over 200,000 square feet for rehearsal studios, workspaces and performances, and put £1.7million directly into the hands of artists.

Our work has been life-changing: helping young people overcome barriers to create careers in the arts, built welcoming homes for creative communities that were previously ignored, and enriched thousands of people's lives by creating new ways to access art and culture. 

To make this happen we need to generate over £1.5 million a year to cover our costs. That's a LOT. But that's because we stick to some important principles: we set up where we know we are easiest to get to for the communities we serve - including the incredibly expensive City of London - and we have some of the most progressive workplace practices around: unlimited holiday, totally flexible working hours and we were the first theatre company in the UK to become accredited by Living Wage UK. 

ALL WE WANT IS A TENNER. That's it. Because if everyone who follows us on social media gives us just £10. Our future is made. 

Please help us continue to support the next generation of UK talent, remove obstacles for those who have difficulty accessing the arts, and enrich lives by building creative communities. 

Thank you! (We love you)