olive-skinned young woman with short light brown hair, in a bright orange top.


Marisol is a Latinx actor, theatre and performance maker.

Her practice focuses on interdisciplinary performance-making, creating and performing pieces that are thought-provoking, and highly visual and physical.

She is interested in questioning and deconstructing canonical ideas ingrained in our society. 

At the core of everything she does, there is a transnational, multicultural and multilingual approach. 
In 2021, Marisol was an artist in residence at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre as well as CASA Festival. Her solo show USELESS, currently in its late stages of development, is supported by Arts Council England, and several organisations.

As performer, she is part of the international theatre project Interactiones, where she has been part of two artistic residencies in Italy, supported by a consortium of European and Latin American partners.
Instagram: @marispensieri | Twitter: @marispensieri