Close up of Kelly Bradley a white, blonde woman staring at the camera

Kelly is currently a member of the Digital Media Team at The National Theatre.  She is also an independent theatre producer, creative and performer. She is passionate about storytelling and developing artists.

Between 2012-2017, Kelly was the co-director of Red Table Theatre that pioneered The Open Book Theatre Management Investment and financial model for emerging theatre companies and artists.

As an independent producer she has worked on subsidised and commercial projects with the likes of Fuel Theatre and curious directive and has supported the work of such diverse artists as Inua Ellams, Rhyannon Styles, Melanie Wilson and The Belarus Free Theatre Company. Kelly has also worked with Frantic Assembly and Perfect Pitch on co-commissions alongside Made With Many, as well as working with the Coventry City of Culture Trust. She has also produced her own independent productions, including Angel Cake (CPT 2013) and Sex, Lyres and AudioTape (Edinburgh 2012). 

She has also been a talent booker/agent for Comic-Cons and fan events both in the UK and internationally.