About this class

Classes at Step 12 Studio are solely focused on training the actor in The Chubbuck Technique. One of the most - if not the most - efficient acting processes available today, created by Ivana Chubbuck.

In Class with officially accredited coach Rich, you'll learn how to apply the process. The 12 steps, when followed in order and applied correctly will yield you a living breathing dynamic character. The first few steps cover analysis, then middle steps personalisation and then the last few character work. By becoming confident in applying the steps you can expect to become an actor with a solid reliable process and be ready for whatever comes at you in your career. That said, you can’t run before you can walk, we will start at the start in class and build up. You will work every week, perform every week and get homework every week. The deciding factor in your growth as an actor will be your work ethic.

Class works in four week blocks. One week before class commencing you'll receive your assignment. You're then expected to spend a minimum of six hours working with your scene partner before and between every class. Week 1 you'll perform the piece as you have prepared it, full feedback and instruction will be given, homework. You'll then re-rehearse with new information, exercises for week 2, the reworks! Where we will be working on raising your performance to the next level. After which, you get new assignments for weeks 3 and 4.

After you've completed at least 1 block you're invited to join the studio members club, a community of fellow Chubbuck peers to call on for self tapes etc. You'll be learning incredibly useful preparatory exercises which will give you an edge and you'll need your peers to perform them with.


Full block £160

Bootcamp £80

Half block £80

Half blocks are only available upon request pending availablility. Half blocks are either weeks 1 and 2. Or weeks 3 and 4. Please specify when booking which half you are interested in. 

Places are offered on a first come first served basis and are only confirmed on receipt of payment. Payment plans are available on request. 

April Dates 

April: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. From 6-9pm 

How to Book

All enquiries and bookings [email protected] If emailing to book, please include a spotlight /c.v/ showreel link.


Deadlines for booking are given above and are set for the assignment day. Should you book earlier, you may have more time to prepare. 

Age Guidance

This course is for adults only. 18+

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Instagram: @s12s_thechubbucktechniqueuk


If you have any specific questions regarding your access requirements, please contact Rich at [email protected] directly. 

See Theatre Deli's Accessibility Guide for information about access in the venue. 


“The group session was really beneficial. It made a real difference in such a short time and I learnt techniques I shall apply to my work again and again. Rich tailors the class expertly to the needs and level of the students and I recommend him very highly”  

Cassies Symes, Actor


“I found the Ivana Chubbuck approach fascinating - both psychologically and dramatically. It allowed me to find some really interesting places to go with the character that I hadn't realised. Initially I found it a bit difficult to grasp but once I allowed myself to throw myself into it, it unleashed all sorts of interesting things. Highly recommend”

Tom Ward-Thomas, Actor


“Although I only had a few hours working with Rich in the Step 12 Studio, it was an intense afternoon and I know we barely scratched the surface. However I quickly saw how these practical techniques can help get an actor to the heart of a character, giving depth and emotion from a truthful place. The steps are clear and thorough and Rich was there to guide us through the process. It's definitely something that I will look to for future projects.”

Martin Neely, Actor


Privates - 121's
“Rich helped me immensely when I was offered a role in a t.v drama. So far I've only done small supportive roles and now I had to build a complex character! I didnt know where to start. Rich helped me to understand my character's journey and what she was fighting for, so that I was able to be emotionally involved and truthful in my performance. Thanks to his help I knew exactly what to do on the day. More than that, the director loved it and i'm getting invited back for more episodes. Will definitely be working with Rich again.”

Anita Szymańska, Actor


"I had the chance to be coached by Rich for a short film I starred in. He introduced me to The Chubbuck Technique and I was amazed how much it helped me understanding the story, analysing the text and expanding my imagination to create the character and play. 
During our session Rich created a safe and joyful working environment for me to explore and try out things. His guidance and advice were helpful and challenging.
This approach helped me to get out of my comfort zone as an actress but also enabled me to learn about the craft. I discovered new tools and enrich my process of creating an interesting and layered character. It's a very powerful technique I highly recommend to anyone who wants to bring their acting skills to another level."

Lea Anderson, Actor


"In the midst of writing our play, we had an intensive session with Rich to develop characterisation. We jumped into the material and it was incredibly useful to delve in in this new way to create more truthful characters. Rich Helped us to find another level of complexity and we really enjoyed learning more about The Chubbuck Technique."

Thick 'n Fast, Comedy Double act