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Can femme sexual liberation ever be achieved in a society so dominated by the male gaze? What is the relationship between the watcher and the watched? In a world so concerned with surveillance, can we ever truly reframe how we observe each other? Comparing the voyeurism of animal enclosures to the cultural consumption of femme-identifying bodies, the piece takes aim at the societally ingrained identities imposed upon us, exposing how they force us into harmful relationships with each other and ourselves.

PS: At certain moments, interaction with the environment is strongly-encouraged.


Installation Designer Alicja Zofia Bieniek 

Installation Designer Jack Valentine Wood 

Sound Designer William Hertzell 

Voice Actor Aidan Parsons 

Project Assistant Michaella Livadiotis 

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Age guidance: This event  is recommended for ages 16+

Content warning: This event contains mention of sexual assault 

Duration: This event is 15 minutes long. 


See our Accessibility Guide for full information about access in our venue including step-free access.  

Find out more about Chrisanthi Livadiotis, Alysha Nelson, Alicja Bieniek, Jack wood, William Hertzell

The collective was co-created by Alysha Nelson and Chrisanthi Livadiotis. Their practice utilises the mediums of live art and installation as vehicles for protest, activism, and social change. Fascinated by the nuances of human connection - particularly social bonds, behaviour, and belonging - they craft unique creative work to provoke genuine debate, education, and change. Their approach is deeply intersectional, focusing on decolonized thought with artistic emphasis placed on both societal individualism and collectivism. They employ a cross-cultural, verbatim approach to champion marginalised voices from a diverse range of global backgrounds. Combined their credits include Camden People’s Theatre, RUNT, and Battersea Arts Centre.
William Hertzell is a British sound designer currently living and working out of Vancouver Canada. He has a passion for binaural audio and creative soundscapes, with experience across film, virtual production, sonic theatre, and virtual reality.
Alicja Bieniek and Jack Wood are artists and designers whose work draws inspiration from natural forms and organic materials. They meticulously scrutinise unique marks, celebrating their patterns by highlighting and abstracting these characteristics. Sustainability is a commitment and a priority within every project they undertake.

Alysha Nelson


Alicja Zofia Bieniek: /alicja_z_bieniekdesign

Jack Valentine Wood: /jackwooddesign 


Alysha Nelson: /alyshaxnelson 

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