An intensive 3 hour acting workshop

This workshop is designed for experienced actors who are looking to continue to improve their craft. A pragmatic, no nonsense class to challenge and build an actor's confidence. Every week the actor will be given a different scene to work on from cold reading to performance. 
 Daniel O'Meara has had 25 years experience working in Film, TV and Stage.  

The classes are challenging and fun, including:
* Warm up exercise 
* Voice 
* Wim hoff Breathing exercises
* Character work/Hotseating 
* Meisner exercises
* Improvising the scenes 
* Scene work 

3 hour workshop for Experienced actors 
• Friday Morning - 11am - 2pm
• Monday evening  :  6pm - 9pm 

"I have studied and taken workshops with some of the most "reputable" acting coaches and schools in the UK and US, and I can honestly say with all my experience, Daniel O'Meara's Actors Crib is by far the best and most inspiring class I have ever been involved in" - Natalie

"I started when I was nineteen winning a scholarship to LAMDA. Several years later I attended the Lee Strasberg school in my fifties, and did a little showbiz thing in between. Actors Crib without doubt is the best workshop experience I have done and do. Daniel O'Meara's coaching approach to the art gets you to the very peak of scene performance" - Michael Barrymore 

"For me, makes it easily the best coaching i have ever had. The classes are small, no more than 10 per session. This is the place to be for serious actors who desire to be the best" - James Barnes

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