We're looking for a visual artist that identifies as LGBTQIA+ to create a mural in our cafe/bar for Pride Month. 

In the past, we've hosted visual artists such as Andrea Fonseca, Sarah Beck Mather, Franz Lang, Zarah Hussain & Joshua Armitage and we're keen to create a partnership with someone new.

We're looking for an artist who has experience with large scale work, please find the wall's dimensions here. We'd like the mural to be as bold and colourful as possible.

While a conventional painted mural is welcome, we encourage mixed media artists to apply as well! 

Please apply via this form by 7th June at 12pm. Late submissions will not be considered. 

The mural needs to be created during the weekend of the 22nd of June, and will be displayed until the beginning of September. 

We will respond to all applicants by 14th June.

This opportunity is paid.