Brexit, multiculturalism, and social and economic problems are forming a new identity for the UK – but what about the individuals whose lives are changing because of these complex matters?

As a multinational group, diverse in age, gender, sexuality and religion, this has provoked a need to explore collective and individual identity. How do we define ourselves? How do others define us? And what happens when these two viewpoints are in conflict?  
During their residency they will explore what labels we carry and what effect they have on our lives.

About the Company:

Seemia Theatre are an emerging international ensemble, led by female Iranian Director Sara Amini. Fusing physical theatre, musicality, and folkloric storytelling we create engaging, innovative theatre that connects audiences with current social and political issues.
Seemia’s ‘Evros | The Crossing River’ had a sell-out run at Camden Fringe, and was The Stage’s pick of the week at VAULT Festival. They have presented as part of a panel at TEDx Leamington Spa and facilitated workshops with The Marylebone project. They are a Tangled Feet Mentored company.