I am Jessie Pickering and I was Theatre Deli Sheffield’s Supported Producer. I am a college student studying Musical Theatre with a newly found passion for producing. I participated in Sheffield Theatres backstage work experience which is where I first learnt about producing and met Miranda (the Producer at Theatre Deli Sheffield). After spending many hours learning about producing and even creating a hypothetical show myself, I fell in love with the art of producing. When I heard about the opportunity at Theatre Deli, I knew I wanted to be their Supported Producer as it was going to give me all the right opportunities to learn more about the role and actually have a part in a working environment. 

What is a Supported Producer?

The role of Supported Producer included 10 working days for you to shadow the staff, work on your own project and for you to just experience what life is like being a producer at Theatre Deli. I spread my days out over a few months and I believe I took the most out of this amazing opportunity. I grabbed a few of my course-mates and created a piece of musical theatre. I enjoyed this as it’s not very often I have total control over the creative process.

My favourite part from this experience was getting to shadow Miranda by booking all different types of shows and hires as well as helping out with social media by creating and drafting social media posts and then seeing my work live on the social media pages. 

Making The Most Of The Role

I felt like if I wanted to see how anything in the theatre worked such as the booking process, the emails, meetings, social media or tech I was able to ask, learn and participate as a member of the Theatre Deli staff. My favourite working day was Halloween as the day was so busy and I felt like I was involved with it all from something so simple to welcoming people into the venue to sitting in the office replying to emails. 

If I had to give advice to someone wanting to be a Supported Producer, I would say take all the opportunities with both hands and do what you want to do with your 10 working days. I would also say ask all the questions in the world and most importantly have fun with it.

I have loved this experience and would love to thank everyone at Theatre Deli for the opportunity.