It's Story Time...Get to the Library! - Women Who Inspire

Soon you’ll be transported to another world of mythical beasts and heart-wrenching poetry. Strange yarns and enjoyable jaunts. Let us take you back to a time of cuddling up and listening to bedtime stories, but with an adult twist, featuring multiple acts performing tales to astonish, beguile and arouse your imagination. Lay back and relax in our hideaway with a blanket, a pillow and stories that will keep you for the night.

For this special FEMFEST edition of ‘It’s Story Time…’ we have given our storytellers the theme of ‘Women Who Inspire’, so prepare yourself for stories of power, of progress and of properly inspiring women.

From stories of Hollywood bombshells and world travellers, to poetic musings of women in art and an ode to a Princess from a galaxy far far away, we are sure to have something to grab your imagination.