From Hannah Ringham (SHUNT co-founder) and Glen Neath:

DIE OR RUN interrogates the idea that mental health across society is influenced by political ideology and the policy that flows from it. It was prompted by an interview with Margaret Thatcher in which she stated: ‘There is no such thing as society.'

The show will be followed by a Panel Discussion with Dr Colette Hirsch, Kings College anxiety disorder expert.


Praise for Glen Neath and Hannah Ringham's previous work, Free Show (bring money):

★★★★ - 'Ringham plays the audience for all she is worth, offering sob stories, fairytales and the promise of a return on an investment... she made about £70 an hour the night I was there - and yes, she was worth it.' -- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

★★★★ - ‘Ringham’s performance is mesmerising, actually showing us little of the ‘show’ she is trying to elicit money for but showing us the dark side of a performer on the edge.’ -- The Public Reviews

★★★★ - ‘I’m still not sure if this is satirising venality, or deconstructing the financial transaction that is our everyday life, or merely an artist looking for a new way to make money. I dare say the ambiguity is all part of the fun.’ -- What’s On Stage