Join us at this FEMFEST special to get a sneak peek at the next hottest theatre shows and immersive experiences, before they hit the Fringe, Off-West-End and Festival circuits.

So what exactly is a 'Scratch Night'?

A Scratch Night is an exciting chance to see snippets of brand new work, ranging from immersive theatre to comedy and new writing, before they become full length shows. Scratch Nights rely on two way communication with the audience, and you'll have the unique opportunity to offer your thoughts and feedback at the end of the evening, either in writing or by having an informal chat with the artists at the bar!

Join us at our cosy new home in Burgess Park for a night of new theatre with a focus on immersive, experiential and non-traditional performances.


Shades of Mediocrity / Good Friends For A Lifetime

Lily and Maeve are Just like Simon and Garfunkel. Except they can't write songs or play guitar. Shades of Mediocrity is a show about being a woman artist and making art with your friends.

About the company: Lily Levinson, Maeve Campbell and Minna Jeffery are Good Friends For A Lifetime. We make theatre about the kitsch, the cult and the camp, offering an irreverent, feminist perspective on collective nostalgia and cultural memory.  We make shows for millennials and their parents.*

*Our own parents think our work is terrible.  

Bingo! / Claire Chapman

Bingo! You navigate the game every day. The stakes are high. Walking home at night. Buying that Women’s Weekly. Introducing your partner to someone new.  Have you got what it takes to win? If so, come and watch, listen, laugh or cry. Besides, what have you got to lose?

About the artist: Claire Chapman is an Australian performer and theatre maker currently based in London. She is passionate about creating work that examines gender binaries and marginalisation using storytelling and the manipulation of the audience performer relationship. Claire is continually using her practice to help find and use her voice as a young woman and hopes to smash the patriarchy along the way.

Night Woman / Julene Robinson

Obeah Woman is the Night Woman, the dweller in the dark, and she should and should not be feared. This piece will explore this darkness of the Obeah woman as she crosses seas in the belly of ships only to emerge with a mysterious magic.

About the Artist:  Julene Robinson is a multidisciplinary performance artist who was born and bred in Jamaica.  To date, Robinson has performed in over 20 production and have been nominated for the International Theatre Institute's Actor Boy Awards in various categories including Best actress and Best supporting actress.

Stranger Danger / Claudia Jefferies

Stranger Danger is a poem, opera and psychedelic theatrical experience about strangers and the dangers of being a stranger.  It explores elitism, xenophobia and the fine line between acceptance and ostracism, examining the shared prejudices that bond us and the effect that has on those who are Othered.

About the artist: Claudia Jefferies is a Theatre Maker, Writer and Performer.  Using styles such as Drag, Poetry, Clowning and Naturalistic performance, she creates live performances that aim to confront deep rooted and over-tolerated social problems.  Her shows balance surrealism with carefully chosen cultural references.

Tri-Sioux: Desire ( A 5 day road trip through New York State) / Naomi O’Connor

Tri-Sioux is an evolutionary piece of theatre which embodies Naomi’s creative process like the seasons which revolves around seeding, flowering, harvesting and rebirth. This installation for Fem:Fest sees Naomi straight off the planes of Cranston Rhode Island , bussiling New York, and industrial Michigan tracing the seeds of her Desires as Anima, Persona and Spirit. Be warned the show will contain repetitive flashing imagery.

About the Artist: Naomi O’Connor Is a Dance Artist who makes Immersive Theatre as LoveActivistDance.