This February, we celebrate the anniversary of our Delivision project, which provides free space for artists to share their film and digital projects. 

"Delivision project started exactly a year ago in February 2022, when we were in our previous venue at Broadgate. During Black History Month in October 2021, we had offered a space to project digital works by the local Black visual artists.

After Black History Month ended, we thought it would be a great idea to use the screen that was already set up as a platform for emerging artists to share their work whenever our buzzing venue is open.

We have exhibited works by more than 20 artists from the UK and abroad. We have had experimental short films, dance films, activist and environmentalist digital works, music videos, mockumentaries and we are looking for even more!

Use this opportunity to share your talent, inspire others and provoke artistic dialogues." 

Aleks Isailovic, Studio Communities Manager for Theatre Deli London

Delivision screening of Our Flight Through Lockdown by Aim To Fly UK at Theatre Deli's former Broadgate venue in January 2022. 

Screened in a dedicated space in Theatre Deli's communal area where people can take a break, meet friends or work for free, Delivision offers a unique chance for artists of all stages of their career and based anywhere in the world, to share their projects within a creative community.

The project began in Theatre Deli's venue on Broadgate, and was allocated space in the current Leadenhall Street building when the team took over.

In keeping with Theatre Deli's ethos, the project is a safe space where artists can experiment, make mistakes, share and grow. Whether its an artist's first or fiftieth film or digital project, they are welcome to share as part of Delivision

Share your project for free as part of Delivision

split screen showing two queer scenes: two men on a council estate looking at eachother intensely, and two women in old fashioned clothes lying in long grass talking

Artwork for Crashing Waves & Requiem by Emma J Gilbertson, displayed in response to our call out for LGBTQIA themed work as part of LGBT+ History month. 

Projects screened as part of Delivision 

Check out the incredible projects that we have screened so far... 

December 2021

endless by After The Thought & David Ralf

Twitter: @fterthethought @daveralf

Behind The Metamorphosis by Alexandra Jane Wynne

January 2022

Our Flight Through Lockdown by Aim To Fly UK January 2022 


February 2022

Hedónimal by Diego Marín February 2022 

Instagram: @diegomarinmx 

Earthworks Chronicles 
by Vicki Lant 14th-19th February 2022 

March 2022

Migrant Animacies by Charly Monreal 28th February-5th March 2022 

Crashing Waves & Requiem
 7th-12th March 2022 


Delivery and Holding
 by Isabele Derosa 28th March-2nd April 2022 

Instagram and Twitter: @isabelederosa 

April 2022

The Mermaid and The Artist by Ruby Phelan 4-9th April 2022 

 11th-16th April 2022

3 trailers
by Vidal Montgomery 25th-30th April 2022

May 2022

Together Apart by Neda Kovinic 23rd-28th May 2022  

June 2022

Three Video Projects by Lili Murphy-Johnson 27th June-2nd July 2022 

Instagram: @lilimurphyjohnson | 

July 2022

Dreaming of Dames and La Petite Sorciere by Benjamin Coakley 4th-9th July 2022 

September 2022

House Watch by Jack Laffargue 29th August-10th September 2022 

Black Chalk by Julieta Tetelbaum 12th-24th September 2022

Echo Tides by anti-cool 26th September-8th October 2022 

October 2022

Zuckerberg, You Owe/Own Me by Pauline Blanchet 10th-22nd October 2022 

Allowed by Zillah Bowes 24th October-4th October 2022  

November 2022

Humans by Aleksandra Czenczek and Magda Kowalczyk 7th-19th November 2022 

Instagram:@aleks_czenczek |

Limas Utópicas by Corpusmedio 21st November - 3rd December 2022 

Instagram: @moyra_silva | |

December 2022

If I ever get around to living by Ken Nakajima 5th - 17th December 2022 

Watch online | Instagram: @kxn.nak | Twitter: @ken_nakajima1

January 2023

Asians have Feelings Too by The Mollusc Dimension 9th-21st January 2023 

Watch online | Instagram: @TheMolluscDImension @AsiansHaveFeelingsToo