From our third Sheffield venue as part of CADS artists studios, we support artists and communities across Sheffield and beyond. 

Address: Cuthbert House, Arley Street, Sheffield, S2 4QP

Opening hours: 10am- 6pm from Monday-Friday (open evenings and weekends for events and performances)

For all hire and programming enquires, please contact [email protected]

With these open sessions artists are able to drop in and use any of the Sheffield spaces that are free, and share those spaces with other artists on a Pay As You Feel basis. 

Artists from different disciplines are encouraged to train together to promote interdisciplinary work and enhance their artist network.


No booking necessary, just check on our Artist Jam Calendar below. All times that space is available will be added to the calendar, which will be updated regularly. Check in here before for you set off, then come on down and jam!


It is up to the artists in the space to negotiate between themselves a fair and equal use of space and its resources. 

Music & Sound Equipment

  • If the sound system is required by multiple artists then each artist/group should have an equal amount of time using it unless agreed otherwise by all artists. 
  • If you need to listen to any music whilst another artist is using the sound system during their allotted time then please feel free to use your headphones to listen to your music until it is your turn to use the sound system.
  • In some cases music will need to be kept to a low level due to private hires. In this case please keep volume levels low or bring headphones

Space use

  • If multiple artists/ groups are using the space please agree between yourselves how the space will be divided up. If in doubt divide the space equally between each person/group using the space.

Each One Teach One

  • We operate with an ‘Each One Teach One’ policy meaning that every artist is encouraged to teach one skill to another artist during the session if approached by a curious artists who happens to be sharing the space with you. This promotes the sharing of knowledge and encourages the prospect of new and exciting collaborations between artists.

Any questions about Artist Jam? Contact our Co Artistic Directors Nathan and Ryan at [email protected]


We currently run regular Artist Jam slots on Monday evenings from 6pm - 10pm.  No booking required - just turn up!