Sedos is an amateur theatre company which uses Theatre Deli for rehearsals and other activities such as meetings of our improvisation group, Simprov, and our Acting Group.

Sedos is an ambitious, vibrant and inclusive London theatre society, striving for excellence and creativity in our productions for over 100 years. We are a busy and energetic group, staging five to 10 musicals and plays each year, and offer open auditions for all our shows.

Sedos values

  • We want our people to feel supported and at home, to be included and treated fairly.

  • We want our people to feel empowered, giving them the platforms and the tools to be bold, take risks, and innovate.

  • We want to be ambitious in our pursuit of creating high quality theatre, and our desire to continuously improve as a society.

The Sedos values help guide the society’s decision making, how we behave and interact with each other, and how we represent ourselves to the London theatre community and beyond – both as a reflection of who Sedos are, and who we aspire to be.

Our season and auditions 

Most of Sedos’s shows take place at the Bridewell Theatre, where we have been the resident theatre company since 2012. We also stage shows at other London venues, such as Wheatsheaf Hall near Vauxhall, and occasionally tour outside the capital, for example to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall or Thorington Theatre in Suffolk. 

We hold open auditions for all our shows, with members and non-members welcome to audition and are always pleased to see new people. Our auditions are free to attend.

Diversity and inclusion

Sedos is a founder member of London Drama Societies, which commits each member society to the following statement:

“Collectively, we commit to take constant steps to be more inclusive and attract members and audiences reflecting London’s diversity.

“We will identify and remove barriers to create a safe and inclusive environment. We want everyone to feel empowered to participate, on stage or off. We want stories to be told authentically.”

Find out more

Find out more about Sedos, sign up for auditions or other activities and buy tickets to all our shows on our website: