Gabrielle Oke
London, UK

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, yet it was through studying fine art in 6th form that I recognised my passion for the arts. The A* was a happy achievement and since then, art has found a permanent place in my life. Through studying Philosophy at Warwick University, working at one of London's biggest advertising agencies and then finally leaving it all to gain an MA in Acting, painting has been not only a consistent part of these last 4 years but has grounded me through it all.

Portraits according to my art education, were used to reflect and capture the power and socioeconomic position of the individual(s) depicted within the piece. Not once, did I see people of colour in the foreground of a piece of art. For me, there is something special in seeing a portrait which is often associated with European aristocracy featuring a person of colour. My desire is to create work dedicated to honouring the power of members of our diverse community in a delicate & engaging manner.