Blessing Essang
Leeds, UK

'I am a hobby artist based in Leeds. My background is that of a medical doctor, graduation from medical school in 2016 and currently training to become a general practitioner. Despite seeming like two opposite ends of the spectrum, medicine is more like art than it is different. Guidelines, anatomy is fundamental but they way we navigate and practice is fluid. As a creator and a doctor I mould, adapt, work with imperfections and learn acceptance.'

Creating is an outlet for me to escape, shut off, tune in. I create because of how it makes me feel and because it is something beautiful and fun I can share with others. Most of my artwork consists of digital illustrations and portraits of young women, black women in particular. It is a self indulgent expression that brings me joy. My aim is to share and create imperfectly and unashamedly and to encourage others to create art for their own gaze.