Amberlee Green

Surrey, UK

Amberlee primarily creates digital illustrations based on the beauty of black womanhood. Her work is minimal and line based in nature - the results are meant to be soothing; both for Amberlee as an artist, and for the viewer. As well as illustrating, Amberlee has a full-time career is in mental health with an academic background in Psychiatry, and currently works at University Arts London as a Mental Health Adviser. Wellbeing is therefore central to her creative and professional practice.

Line & Honey illustrations are minimal and line based in nature, using as little detail as possible to illuminate a full picture - the results aim to be soothing. It is common to see most of the lines within the illustrations dedicated to the subject’s hair, focusing on the complexity in the curls. Illustrating women of colour is central, particularly in order to reclaim the narrative of women of colour depicted in art.