Meet our 2021 Resident Artists

This year Deli introduced a new XL residency tier enabling artists from marginalised backgrounds to receive full ITC wages for up to three company members for the 2 week residency as well as seed funding to support the project.

Ke Li

About the Artist

My name is Ke Li, a Chinese student living in Sheffield for almost 2 years. I used to study in Shanghai and Australia, now I’m a PhD student studying Education at the University of Sheffield. I’m interested in the relationship between different verities of languages and people’s identities.

About the Project

My project tries to explore the mother-daughter relationship. The two characters grapple with two different visions of how life should be. The mother is very much stuck in the traditional old ways whilst the daughter is looking to the future. It is very much a tale of globalisation, feminism and intergenerational relationships.

Maya Shimmin (Fable Workshop) | Dosage

About the Company

Maya Shimmin is a responsive, socially-engaged theatre maker, director and facilitator. She is passionate about collaborating to make experimental, innovative performances which act as a catalyst for discussion and change.
Over the last year she has produced international digital work, including THEN AND NOW at The Underground Cinema Film Festival Dublin, and productions on stages around the UK including at Camden People’s Theatre.

Fable Workshop is an experimental theatre company that collaborates with different artists to create projects which explore new approaches of practice.

About the Project

Dosage aims to challenge the silence surrounding the side-effects of the contraceptive pill on mental health by presenting a platform to champion and discuss experiences. Using live sound design, live film, spoken word, audience interaction and toy cars, the performance is a multimedia, playful interrogation of the truth behind the contraceptive pill, exploring what living in an alternate reality with mental health feels like.

The company are looking forward to playfully exploring with previous audience feedback; integrating more interviews and research into the dramaturgy of the piece, furthering visual design aspects and planning for the future of the show with support and mentorship from Theatre Deli.


About the Artist

Priiya is a movement artist curious about the power of chaos and rhythm in the world. Discovering the moving body in protest and community narratives of queering gender, identity and class.

About the Project

What is belonging to one identity or another? What is the history of belonging? Is it so fluid that there are no arrivals and departures as one identity or another? The body attempts to shape shift through identities and the in-betweens, a dance with the space it is given or that which it takes. 

Totally Human | Another Name

About the Artist

Totally Human is definitely, for sure, absolutely a group of actual humans making interactive human encounters based on human connection. Totally Human hacks theatre and games to create experiences that actively engage participants in complex topics through play. 

Lead creative Janet K Howe (they/them) is a non-binary creator who’s work focuses on sparking positive change and learning through playful theatrical experiences and games. 

About the Project

Another Name is a hybrid live and digital theatrical game. Inspired by the lead creative’s journey to find a gender affirming name, Another Name explores the etymology of names, what a name can mean to an individual, how they shape societies perception of us and our perception of ourselves. And ultimately how a change in name can affect a person. 

For us, another-name is the name the world might try to call you. It doesn’t mean it’s yours. It’s just another name. 

You can participate now by sharing your name story:

Tyrrell Jones (Knaїve Theatre) | Party at the End of the World

About the Artist

Tyrrell Jones creates contemporary political theatre and work which provokes discussion and debate. He is Artistic Director of Knaїve Theatre. Recent work includes: Bin Laden: The One Man Show, Karel Čapek’s War with the Newts, Covid Lockdown Breath Machine by Lavinia Murray and Us, (Post 23/3) by Kamal Kaan. 

About the Project

Using narrative/storytelling innovations developed for Table Top Role Player Games, Tyrrell will explore how he can adapt Karel Čapek's Rossum's Universal Robots (1921) into an interactive, playable rave. In this first residency groundwork will be laid for audiences/players will be able to attend this Party at the End of the World in 2022 hosted by all new synthetic human beings who will be able to serve their guests in ways currently unimaginable. The hope is that this can be a truly playable nightout, which will explore themes of agency, commodification, and future intelligence where the course of events is entirely determined by the audience.