As part of the Barbican's 2018 Open Fest, Theatre Deli is very excited to present: 


Our Happiness Engineers need you to join their team of dedicated architects to plan the future. Step into their studio and help them plan the future of your dreams by sharing your vision of Utopia. 

In their latest pop-up immersive experience, Theatre Deli transport you into the ultra-modern world of the 1960s. Here, the collision between tradition and pop-culture has exploded society out of monochrome post war austerity into the technicolour revolution of the Summer of Love. It is the job of the Happiness Engineers to tear down the palaces of the past and create the Cultural Quarter of the Future. 

Peter Geoffery Christoph invite you their cutting edge architectural studios and come and play, debate and experiment as they embark on their architectural journey that is part art, part science, part serious and all fun.

Inspired by Chamberlain, Powell and Bon, the visionary architecture practice behind the brutalist masterpiece that is the Barbican, Happiness Engineers is a playful interactive performance that asks audiences why arts and culture actually matter to them, what experiences have changed their lives and what the arts centre of the future will be.