Hirer Agreement 

The spaces at Theatre Delicatessen are run with the aim of creating a diverse artistic community. Our hire policy exists to ensure that the inhabitants of the spaces work in a safe and comfortable environment. We therefore ask visiting companies, or regular users of the space to ensure they adhere to the following:

By confirming my booking at 2 Finsbury Avenue, I, the user, agree to adhere to the following hire policy: Opening/Closing Times The building is bookable between the times 10am and 6pm or 10pm, depending on the day of the week.
Studios members are not permitted to enter the 1st floor studios BEFORE 9.45am due to fire regulations. Before this time , you can wait in the bar/cafe downstairs.
We close promptly at 10pm - please begin to end your session with the aim to be leaving the studios at this time. We reserve the right to interrupt around 10pm to inform you of the studios closing. 

When rehearsing late in the evening, please leave the premises quietly, and respect our neighbours.

Using the space: Your booking time includes set up and clear down. Please factor this in when booking. Please ensure you leave the space as they are in the pictures which are posted outside each studio. Hoovers and cleaning materials are available for you to use should your space need cleaning after you have finished your session. We are limited in our staff and would appreciate help in keeping the studios tidy for other users. 

No food or drink, except water in plastic containers are permitted in the studios. Food/drink consumption is only allowed in communal areas. 

We reserve the right to add additional charges for any over-run bookings in the space, early access with or without agreement, left items or unclean rooms/areas. 

We do not provide secure storage space for your rehearsal props and belongings, but do have lockers available for hire for small items - this involves a £5 cash deposit for a key for the entire locker, which is refundable on return of key. Lockers are £5 for a day or £30 for a week which must be paid for upfront and are non-refundable. Items must be removed and keys returned on the last day, or an additional fee will be charged. For larger items of set, we can no longer store these in communal areas. 

No items may be left in the room. 

Please do not wander around the building, it is very large and you may disturb other residents, or breach our health and safety requirements.

When using communal areas, please make sure that all rubbish is cleared away, and any borrowed kitchenware is cleaned and returned.

No smoking is permitted in the building or any of the fire exits at any time, a smoking area is provided at the front of the building.

Any damage to the space or mess left as a result of your use will be invoiced to you, and will include the time and labour required to get the space back to standard.

If inviting others to the space, please ask them to head for the Theatre Deli Bar on the corner of Wilson Street and Whitecross Place, enter through the bar and head for the door named 'Studios'. Taking the next left door, you will reach the studios on the first floor. All visitors and hirer's must sign in and sign out for fire regulation. 

Noise: Deli Studios are a 'found space' and so not purpose built rehearsal rooms. Due to this, we can only offer 2 studios for music/musical instruments/singing/recorded sound (Studio 1 (Dance Studio) or the Boardroom) and will charge at the usual rate of these. If music/instruments/singing/recorded sound is used in any other studios and proves disturbing to others, we reserve the right to ask for this to be turned down or even off. The rehearsal spaces in the building are often close together; please show courtesy to others in the premises by keeping noise to an acceptable level. Please make sure that you keep noise to a non-intrusive level after 8pm. 

Leaving the Building: It is important that your session finishes on time as others may be using the room after you.

Booking: Payment of 50% of the total must be made 24 hours of receiving an invoice from us in order to secure the booking. The full amount must be paid on the last day of your booking. We can only process bookings on the hour.If you need to cancel or amend your booking, notice must be given 48 hours ahead of the booking in writing to [email protected], or you are liable to pay the full invoice. 

Booking, Payment and Contact Information:Payment is ideally made by telephone on booking, but can also be made by card on receipt of an e-invoice.