Subversive, submersive sonic journey about the noise in the oceans. Technologist and water freak XVelastín presents a human-computer duet of stories from the sea with a fluid structure based on the calls of marine mammals. Unpredictable, moving and passionate, [whalesong] is a challenge to humanity’s violation of the natural world, a celebration of the planet’s diversity, and a playful exploration of our relationship with technology. [whalesong] is an ever-evolving piece and throughout its five-day stint at Deli the piece will continually shift, transform and metamorphosise resulting in each presentation being different and giving the audience a new experience each evening. 

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XVelastín is a British-Chilean sound artist focussing on voice, technology and climate change. He performs often in solo and collaborative works specialising in finding new modes for expression, usually using a mixture of experimentalism, musical training and computer programming. His work as a sound designer for theatre has included shows for the Royal Exchange Theatre, Leeds Playhouse and the prestigious Cambridge Greek Play.