Calling all Artists, Actors, Creatives, Directors, Designers, Producers, Technicians, Writers and many more...

To the (Deli Meets) Creative Support Network

What is it? 

A creative support network for emerging artists and those whose careers have been set back by the pandemic to help each other to make, rehearse and deliver projects.

A contacts network, a 'Tinder'box for creative people.

Open to anyone and everyone who is looking for help and to help in creating, developing and delivering projects and performances post-Covid 19.

Let's rebuild the fringe theatre scene in a new, collaborative and communal way!

How it works?

A monthly meet up, a place to connect with other creative people and to discuss the future of Theatre and The Arts

A pool of willing participants who want to help/support others with projects and receive help/support with their own projects.

Creative, social and even emotional support from people who have made it through the pandemic too!

Free event.

The First Session/Get the Ball Rolling!

What will it entail?

All introduce ourselves, our skills, our passions and our ideas

Decide on a preferred method of communication, that is safe and effective for putting everyone in contact with everyone else (email, whatsapp, slack, others?)

Anyone with a current project, to share it and say what help/support they are looking for
(Actors for a table read or an R+D?
A stage designer to work through the practicality of your vision?
A producer to help you find the right venue or funding for your project?).

Others to volunteer their help/support to those projects.

Initiate a discussion about the future of Theatre and what we can do to make the 'new theatre scene better than before!

Afterwards, a more social get-together in the Theatre Deli Bar!