Calling all Artists, Actors, Creatives, Directors, Designers, Producers, Technicians, Writers and many more...

To the (Deli Meets) Tinderbox for Creative People!

What is it?

A creative support network for emerging artists and those whose careers have been set back by the pandemic to help each other to make, rehearse and deliver projects.

A contacts network, a 'Tinderbox for creative people'.

Open to anyone and everyone who is looking for help and to help in creating, developing and delivering projects and performances post-Covid 19.

Let's rebuild the fringe theatre scene in a new, collaborative and communal way!

How it works?

A monthly meet up, a place to connect with other creative people and to discuss the future of Theatre and The Arts

A pool of willing participants who want to help/support others with projects and receive help/support with their own projects.

Creative, social and even emotional support from people who have made it through the pandemic too!

Get the Ball Rolling!

What will it entail?

Introduce ourselves, our skills, our passions and our ideas

Decide on a preferred method of communication, that is safe and effective for putting everyone in contact with everyone else

Anyone with a current project, to share it and say what help/support they are looking for.

Do you want:

Actors for a table read or an R+D?
A stage designer to work through the practicality of your vision?
A producer to help you find the right venue or funding for your project?
Or any other help or support?

Then Tinderbox For Creative People is the place to find them!

Initiate a discussion about the future of Theatre and what we can do to make the 'new' theatre scene better than before!

Afterwards, a more social get together in the Theatre Deli Bar
Instagram/Twitter: @tinderboxcreative
Every third Tuesday of the month:
Jan 18, 7-10PM Online event, link:for the 18th 

Topic: Deli Meets: Tinderbox For Creative People
Time: Jan 18, 2022 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 904 333 4021
Passcode: Tinderbox
Feb 15, 7-10PM
Mar 15, 7-10PM
Apr 19, 7-10PM
May 17, 7-10PM
Jun 21, 7-10PM

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