From space we see our planet – green, blue, beautiful. We rush towards the surface, closer and closer until we come to a halt in a northern street. A walking frame with a sticker saying Please Return to Northern General stands abandoned. A kid’s car seat sits beside a random traffic cone. Looking up, a light flashes from a high rise like a signal for help. And yet.......all along an iron fence, lost objects have been carefully placed – a glove, a child’s sock, a cap, a key ring.

In the current climate we are being sorely tested. Our data is being tracked and used to sow division. How do we trace a path towards a caring and united community? TEST TRACK TRACE invites established and developing northern writers to respond to the world we live in now, to dare to speak out, to be bold, funny, enlightening. Next Left carefully selects the best of that work and brings it to life using a diverse group of local professional actors and directors. Expect a fast-paced, energetic and exciting show as well as a chance to discuss the work.


AGE 16+
Image credits: Glove on Fence, Joe Rutter and  Next Left logo, Melanie Crawley

About Next Left

Next Left Theatre is a Sheffield based political theatre project, assembling immediate responses to current events. Each show is a collaboration of professional actors, writers and directors plus a small technical team, working voluntarily; its newly written work, performed script in hand - a mixture of drama and comedy alongside poetry and music - fast paced, exciting and engaging The Next Left team is Kate Rutter (Creative Director), a well-known actor in Film, TV, Theatre and Radio for over 40 years and a writer, poet and director; Karen Mulcahey, professional actor and drama lecturer, writer & director, Melanie Crawley, actor, voice artist and producer.

Next Left have previously produced two shows, the first in January 2020: Hope, a response to the 2019 General Election and an online programme later that year: Next Left In Lockdown.

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Twitter: @nextleftsheffield