Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom and Compassion, is coming to Sheffield.

To be honest, Sophia has been split into two human forms, as a punishment, and they are coming to Sheffield. To tell you a tale of life on Lol; a planet made of solid gold, where the climate is perfect and the inhabitants seem happy. But all that glisters…

Planet LOL asks “When you realise your planet is teetering on the brink of extinction do you simply shrug and put the kettle on?”

A fast-paced, funny, female-led sci-fi about facing up to reality and rewriting your endings.

The latest play from the future is unwritten, who made Fringe First-winning Meeting Joe Strummer.


AGE 12+

“We need stories to describe the present and shape the future. Because giving people the power of imagination also gives them the power to act. That’s why shows like Planet LOL are so important”, Caroline Lucas MP

About the future is unwritten

the future is unwritten is a theatre company powered by punk values of honesty, integrity, inclusion and the spirit of Do It Yourself invention; exploring issues of popular culture, politics, spirituality, responsibility, injustice and respect. Its current work is focused on creating theatre that helps make change happen, using high quality work to inspire and engage audiences new to theatre. Planet LOL will be the eighth nationally touring production over the last decade.

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