The Star Bazaar burlesque show is a comedy cabaret show like no other, not just a vaudeville variety show, but an immersive theatrical experience, set in an imaginary magical shop.

Can you hear fairy bells chime as you open the door and enter The Star Bazaar? A magical emporium of delights awaits you.

The Star Bazaar; purveyors of the most entertaining & fabulous products on earth. A store that tells a story like no other. A mystical shop capable of flight through time and space. You will enjoy browsing the bizarre and beautiful wares; wonderful artists from around the land, selected to bring you burlesque, comedy, music, dance, film and so much more!

It is Christmas in The Star Bazaar. The Shopkeeper has buffed his baubles, tinkled his tinsel and is ready to stuff your stockings with a festive extravaganza of electrifying entertainment!

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About the Star Bazaar

The Star Bazaar family set our sights on the world of burlesque in 2009. With original musical medleys and mashups created by resident DJ Johnny Spangles, visual effects and movie projections created by Compere Flixx Démontrant, and Starla Bright and Atheria Hart’s exciting burlesque choreography and self-designed props and costumes. The resulting performances were enjoyed by audiences around the UK. Using that experience we launched our own annual vaudeville variety shows from 2015 onwards; each one bigger and better than before, and so far always a sell-out success.

Facebook and Twitter: @thestarbazaar